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  1. 10 years ago I converted a Tam F-16C T-Bird kit using significantly modified Attic resin wings. (I was able to order just the wings back then) Basically the Attic wing is about 3/8" short in length...also removed the control surfaces for further upgrade. Fuselage was stretched using plastic card stock and vac-u-formed shapes to adjust the overall length and geometry. I'll see if I can dig up some more pics from my WIP that was posted on another site.
  2. I used the old Revell part to make a more accurately shaped phantom nose...razor saw cut at the 12 oclock and 6 oclock position then added a plastic shim to match the width of the new phantom. Turns out the side profile is much better than the newer phantom. the length is a little short so another shim on the back edge will get you there.
  3. Cyberhobby worked out great for me...a little extra work to help get the cowls to close nice and tight.
  4. Please count me in! I'll donate a Cyber-Hobby (Wing Tech) Bf-110 E-2/Trop...sealed. Thanks Patrick
  5. Intake covers (and others) in the picture are from the 44th Fighter Squadron out of Kadena AB, Okinawa. Tail code would be "ZZ".
  6. Yes, former legacy hornet driver here. You can PM me if you like...perhaps I could help in your search for information. Patrick
  7. A couple of answers...or attempts at answers. 救助 is japanese when spoken says kyujo. (Rescue) Take a look at the JASDF aircraft and you will see the same. More than likely this bird flew out of Atsugi for a good portion of its career. Not fleet standard. Arming flag (& pin) has not been removed from the aircraft yet. Arming is the last thing you go through before taking the catapult. This aircraft is in "taxi" mode moving forward toward the cat. Good catch on the lowered crew step. Normally caught and corrected by plane captain or QA before launch. Conjecture..."its a known gripe and it just won't secure to the closed position". If it's combat, a nuisance gripe like that will get repaired next opportunity. It's behind the intake, below the stab, and recce birds have no ordnance...launch! If it were the upper step, might be a different story since it could potentially strike the stab if it came off in flight. Crusader and Corsair guys please correct as required...its only conjecture coming from a hornet guy.
  8. Remember dropping napalm canisters from an F/A-18 back in the 90's. There was no way for the weapons computer to provide you an accurate release solution displayed in the HUD...so the rule of thumb was fly a level lay down an wait for the target to disappear under you nose, then pickle for release. Ah the good ole days.
  9. Prayers for the pastor, check!
  10. Appreciate the positive comments gents!
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