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  1. One of my favorite aircraft, you did it justice.
  2. One of my favorite aircraft of all time, you did it justice.
  3. one of my favorite aircraft of all time, you did it justice.
  4. Oh, yeah, VERY nice and I'm not a big Spitfire fan but yours is an exception.
  5. Oh wow, this really looks great! I'm a big Hellcat fan having the Hasegawa 1/32 kit three times. I look forward to seeing what you do with this one, I know its got impressive size going for it.
  6. Jay, youve done it. I also purchased this kit but in the razorback version and intended to do some of what you did to upgrade it. After seeing your quality of work I think I will just move on to a less complicated project with the satisfaction of knowing that what you did is what I would've done in my dreams. It looks amazing, the entire project is so impressive. Thanks for sharing your step-by-step process. I salute your skills of getting even the tiniest details spot on. I look forward to your work on the F4U Corsair as I purchased one of these with the same intentions. Keep up the good work.
  7. Very nice work, looks fine to me. I am a Wurger fan in all scales.
  8. I've also built this kit and though I really like mine I think you did a better job of it. Good work!!
  9. Great job, now box it up and send it to me.
  10. thats SICK....meaning I think its fabulous
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