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  1. Good stuff, I like the paint chipping to show wear and tear. Keep up the good work, lets see a few more aircraft. The more you do the better you get and the deeper the addiction.
  2. I am so glad that youve taken on this daring project. I thought of doing the same thing in 1/48 after I read the book but I think it will have a much better impact in 1/32 because of the figures. It looks like youre off to a great start, I love the battle damage and exposed internal parts. Can't wait to see more.
  3. Oh brother!!! Don' t know where I"ve been hiding but I just caught on to this project and I'm blown away. So very creative and incredibly detailed. I'm very impressed with the entire effort and would love to see this in person...maybe at a museum. Thanks for sharing with us and please continue to post more work cause I"m a fan now.
  4. very impresive, especially the weathering and blending of the paints. I'm a fan for sure.
  5. Impressive and convincing work, a good diorama like this one adds so much to an aircraft display. makes it come to life. Please post more of your work.
  6. wow, i'm not a big fan of the F-18 Super Bug but you have done a great job with this project. Very good job!!
  7. Oooops sorry, i just found my answer in the explaination about remote turret. I never knew that B-17s used them so I"ve learned something. Good job on the scratch build
  8. Very nice build and I'm impressed. I'm coming in late so this question may have been asked already but the belly turret on a B-17 is usually a ball type turret with clear plexiglass panels. I noticed on this model that its a solid turret similar to top turret but with no clear panels for visibility. Is this the configuration for this particular aircraft? Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this.
  9. yes, very impressive build. I did the exact same paint scheme on the Hasegawa 1/32 F6F-5.
  10. I built this kit years ago and thought it was a surprisingly good kit that often gets overlooked. You did a really good job with it. I like that you included a pilot and did the ground shots...very convincing.
  11. good work on that beautiful beast...the pictures are done well but dont give us any idea about just how large the kit is. can you put something like a bottle or can close to it for scale?
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