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  1. Great ingenuity! Glad to see you Jumping the hurdles and keeping stride.
  2. Ooops...I just read the earlier post where you have acquired the engines you needed. Good to hear...carry on.
  3. As for the engines, this may seem over simplistic but you need a single row of 9 cylinders. Could you start with a 1/32 Pratt & Whitney 2800 and just use the front 9 cylinders? Cut off the back row and start to customize from there?
  4. Sir, you have arrived. The model looks so incredibly real that I had to look at the images several times. I thought it was a genuine Luftwaffe airfield. Great work and fantastic effect with the diorama!!!
  5. This aircraft is impressive as the 1/72 Airfix model but I’ve never seen anyone tackle this beast in 1/32!! You certainly have my respect and admiration for doing such a good job with this one. I look forward to seeing the completed project.
  6. Very good looking Hellcat, good job!!
  7. This is stunning work, I’m starting to think it will actually fly once you’re finished with it. At 1/12 scale it must be impressively large as a whole. How do you intend to do the clear canopy?
  8. Very cool, luv what you’re doing with these acceptable kits that are often overlooked.
  9. I’m glad you stayed with the painted smoke rings. We have to remember that when these real aircraft were painted it was by imperfect people using fallible equipment in stressful conditions. It was for combat aircraft, not Indy show cars. Imperfections took place then also and they were accepted and life went on due to larger priorities...just like us but in a smaller scale. Rock on!
  10. So, Rowdy...are you in the US or elsewhere? East or West coast? I’d sure like to see your work in person. Are you a member of a modeling club?
  11. Rowdy, you are what I’d call a “master modeler” and I’m very impressed with each of the projects you displayed. Please continue to list more progress and completed work.
  12. Truly impressed with the “utilitarian “ feel of this build. Harsh climate snd hectic schedule could make one look rough. Good job!!
  13. Wow, you really nailed it!!! Great work!
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