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    The planet Earth zipping along at 25,000mph around the sun.
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    Women, drinking, compooters, avoiding red lights, rock n roll, sanity, insanity, Go Cowboys, Cowboys Cheerleaders, running from the law, taking out the garbage. Yeah that about sums it up.
    Oh yeah, building plastic models.
  1. I can't remember but wasn't there a stainless steel 1/32 carrier deck launch system being made and sold by somebody. I lost my bookmarks due to a hack and that one didn't make the backup.
  2. As a local radio personality uses to say, "Damn. Just damn". There more I see of your work the more tempted I am to can what I stared and start over.
  3. Looking around here again after some eye surgery issues and I find this thread. Dang Barry! I hope you can make it up to WRB for the next show and bring some goodies. Mine is way behind but I do hope to have enough eyeball soon.
  4. ScottGT This project currently sits on the Shelves of Doom at the moment. Back in Sept 2014 I had cataract surgery on both eyes and IOLs installed with Torric correction lenses. The right eye worked fine and no problems. The left eye has had some issues. The IOL kept shifting and was then replaced with an IOL that "rarely if ever fails". Famous last words as I watched the Titantic sink in my eye. Literally I watched this thing pop out and fall to the bottom of my eyeball. Vision changed just that fast. Needed to wear an eye patch for various tasks but the girlfriend thought is was sexy. The next surgeon had to fish it out, drain the vitrious fluid, refill and put in a new single vision lens between my iris and cornea. Recently I had PRK laser surgery done to the cornea and that is now healing. Five surgeries and still praying for things to work however I would still recommend the surgery even though I am the poster child of what can go wrong and in my case it is a long list. Some day I will get back to this beast and finish it but not soon. This has been an ongoing project since 2006. Recently I did look in the box and review things that I have done. I still want to rip out the resin office and adjust its placement. The nose strut is still a issue and maybe the 12th try is the charm. Recent advances with 3D printing may come into play with this too. And did I ever screw up the intakes. I might start over if I could find a replacement fuselage. Maybe Dr. FM has one. I did find out that the airframe is now on a stick in front of a VFW hall near New Orleans, LA.
  5. Just catching up on this build. Wow! This looks like a fun kit to build.
  6. A little mud and dust weathering will hide the fingerprint.
  7. Start with this: http://www.alliedelec.com/search/productdetail.aspx?SKU=70140817 Then solder away!
  8. The one that I ordered will arrive at the local drug dealer, eh, local hobby store sometime this Friday as I return from SLC. I might skip a day of work and go get it on Saturday. Now for my wish list a B-26 and B-24 would round out my happiness for prop-jobs.
  9. Joe Driver

    .05 Cal Ammo Feeds

    Well that does it! I had put a B-17 of Waffling Hold with the local drug dealer. After seeing the prototype of the ammo belts and chutes I'll be informing Bead Boy that I will take one. That Bicentennial F-4 will never be finished now.
  10. Actually here are the current distractions. These are for a group build on Aeroscale and IPMS/Marietta. I should get back to work on them instead of hanging out here. Yes Jessica is a hottie. Careful though, she's a good Catholic schoolgirl. So much for discussing big airplane models. You going to the Nats?
  11. Life - my excuse for putting my Phantom on the shelf for now. Also have some other project/group builds that I need to knock out first. Hopefully I'll get back to mine soon. Like everybody else I look forward to you getting back to work on your Phantom.
  12. Joe Driver


    You're too young to retire. Throw it into the mix.
  13. Joe Driver


    Better have it ready for Anniston this weekend!
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