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  1. Will do! It is sure to be a good time.
  2. That’s right, another thing to listen to at the bench. a few friends and I are starting a pod cast to talk all things models. We are mostly aircraft builders (1/48 and 1/32 scale) but a few of us have built a tank or two! So be sure to tune in where ever you listen to your pod casts for what is sure to be an awesome time! Frilldo I am pleased to announce the launch of The ModelGeeks Podcast !!! This effort has been in the planning for quite a long time. The COVID Issue slowed down our original efforts to record in studio as a group, so we have decided to kick off re
  3. Very nice! How do those rivets hold up to masking? For example the OD green anti-glare panel on a P-47. Would the rivets pull off when you remove the tape? Andy
  4. Looking good dude! Looking forward to seeing it in person Andy
  5. I am getting ready to start a Pearl harbor A6M2 myself. Any help will be appreciated. Wasn't there someone who did a nice PDF of the color schemes and colors of the Zero and they were selling it? Andy
  6. Okay, the rear compartment just needs the Hyd fluid tank and some plumbing and some wires. Avionics are done and will add a few wires here and there. Almost ready for paint! Andy
  7. Managed a little bit of time on the bench. I got the sound proofing done and started dressing up the rear area will scrap PE and stuff from the spares box to busy it up some. Hopefully it will be in paint soon: Andy
  8. Jeff, Some I will post pics in a few. Andy
  9. Jeff, Hello, there are really no fit issues with the kit. at all. The "A" is the same kit with the shorter fuselage. Having said that there is nothing wrong fit wise. There are some accuracy issues, off of the top of my head there is the squared off archway on the aft cockpit bulkhead. Should be rounded at the top not Square. Not sure if the A was different, but the kit weapon bay is too long putting the weapon bay door past the prop arch. The shape of the forward fuselage is off but most people live with it. The panel lines are soft in some spots and disappear at some spots as wel
  10. Thanks dudes, tried to get some stuff done last night but was too tired.....will try tonight for sure Andy
  11. Fellas, Started back up on this. Had to scratch build the operators stations in the back as you can see quite a bit. Still have a little bit more to do. Andy
  12. Looks good Collin. Gonna bring it down to the next meeting? Andy
  13. Matt, thanks man for the kind words. I used my Iwata HPC-BS with the .35 needle. I thin my paint very heavily, which i think allows you great control to get your lines tight and where you want them. It takes a while to fill in the areas this way but the paint lays down evenly with no orange peel or rough spots. Andy
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