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  1. Max is correct, since the upper cowls are not "handed" there are holes inside and out. The glazing resides on the gauges themselves attached to the engine bearers
  2. I was really gonna do the same thing ^, I need two Eddies to go please...hold the spitfire
  3. nice work Carl!
  4. may need one just for that
  5. I have pics, printed actual 35mm pics not digital :p
  6. does the Iron Maiden Spit come with an Eddie figure?
  7. I used my gas range to anneal it, cause ya know a 10" diameter flame is far more efficient (and fun) to anneal a 2x2 sheet of brass (LOL) I got a fair amount done last night with wiring on the sidewalls and getting a grasp on where and how to run the rear O2 hoses. Also managed to finally find some decent pics of the brake line routing on the gear legs so I added those as well. I should get pics up over the weekend.
  8. this is gonna be SO cool
  9. speaking from personal experience Brian?
  10. wow my first I want to say was a Monogram Snap-Tite B1A, my first glue kit was a 1/32 Hasegawa A6M5 a few months later around age 6 with my dad helping. Last build was Revell's HE-219
  11. I would not think so as you heat it over a flame till its red hot. Pretty sure the paint would burn off instantly.
  12. ooooo yes, multi splinter would be very very cool
  13. I've always pre bent my PE using a multitude of tools and techniques to minimize that dreaded spring back. The issue I consistently ran into, was getting kinks instead of smooth curves with the non annealed stuff. You're right, they bend like lead now which is a real treat as I usually make my belts from Wine foil.
  14. I've only had one build (so far) where I could build paint then assemble. Hoping the 110 is the second.
  15. I'd always heard people do it, figured I had more then enough spare belts and materials should I make a mess of it. No going back now thats for sure!
  16. green splinter! like a combo of Luft WW2 and 90's Swedish Splinter
  17. i enjoy watching your projects, thanks for sharing this one too!
  18. LOVE IT! Saw this on flickr and came back to check the thread. Looks great Karl, nice work!
  19. ok here are some pics for you guys! going through some personal stuff atm so progress and updates may be slow for awhile here you can see the seat back mod work and the rudder pedals another shot of the same sidewall detail, added a flashlight, some plumbing and a structural piece i noted in some pics I had to bend the bottom edge of this PE part to clear the cockpit floor started working on the ammo crates and all their PE bits While not as intricate as others, I did tweak the throttle quadrant a bit and added some detail to the other console You can see in the background the pilots belts have been bent to shape. This is the first time I've annealed PE before bending it and WOW what a difference it makes.
  20. that is SO cool of your son to do for you
  21. WOW that may be the most bad a*& thing I've seen in a while
  22. I try to do walk around shots of my models to give a better "eye level" view. One of the main reasons I really like to do in flight presentations is it allows you to interact with the model in space more then looking down on it.
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