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  1. I agree with Brian, from what I read most assembly ships were "War Weary" and stripped of weapons.
  2. great effect, unique approach
  3. well done I think mike is dead on with the throttle friction adjuster being in there, I found a pic of a 109 throttle that showed the same thing with the adjuster
  4. I found a pic of an early 110 that clearly shows a hole, its not hosted though. PM me if you want me to send it to ya The Monogram Close Up BF-110G cockpit diagram shows it as a hole as well! Guess I will be drilling a hole and detailing mine down the road as well.
  5. this is a "G", Pic from SDASM. Hard to tell if its a hole or a depression
  6. thats a very unique photo, notice the floor board is missing, early style rudder pedals and the yoke boot is also missing. I will try to find a pic for you if you'd like, the above clearly shows a hole so either way could be right! Yet another '110 mystery
  7. wow the markings really make your paint job pop!
  8. the hole in your throttle quadrant is actually a stamped depression or maybe a cover. That said, nice work in there!
  9. Hey guys, Im gonna drop out for awhile. Going through a divorce at the moment, not really feeling the modelling ju ju. I should pick this back up once all the drama, moves, etc are done. I wi;; be stopping by and checking in, but this build is boxed up for the foreseeable future.
  10. some neat details in that shot -corrosion control (primer?) on the aft section -cooling doors open above the jet pipe - some grimy weathering too
  11. excellent! Can wait to see you work your magic on this build.
  12. It was field applied with anything from an air sprayer to a broom/mop!
  13. started working on and off on the Schrage assembly yesterday. Added the shell casing bags to the breeches and am slooooooowly building up the rear bulkhead
  14. I would think due to the number of sorties flown during the BOB yes, however I would think it would be more on the brown/tan side as the fuel quality was better at that point. W/O any color pics I'm not 100% sure, may x-ref against BOB '109s?
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