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  1. Hrm, I was able to reach them last year to get new clear parts.
  2. the surviving D13 has restored wooden flaps, you can find pics of them on the web
  3. oh man, you're gonna do the 1/24 George!!! I scratch built my pit a few years ago, hit me up in DM and I can send you all the stuff I have for it. full gallery if you click the pic
  4. I used to do free flight and RC balsa kits, kinda miss it.
  5. so nice, one of my fav things to do on a flight is stare out the window and watch the flight controls
  6. You can have the one from my Texan, shoot me your address.
  7. ....1/24 U-boat......how big is that!!?
  8. agreed, if thats the "definitive" list then Im out
  9. awesome my man! cant wait to follow along
  10. oooooooo, I have stuff in the stash for this even
  11. well thats great news there is an easy solution
  12. Received my Model Monkey Beaufighter TFX Cockpit and Tail planes, wow they are stunning!
  13. I was a manual drafter for quite some time before the transition to CAD, still prefer to do it manually for my own projects.
  14. not yet my friend, its down the road still
  15. My exact thoughts Pascal, as I have one in the stash
  16. shes definitely putting up a fight, flash, mould mis-alignment, etc is eating time by the boat load since we're all on shelter in place, all I have is time
  17. beauty as always, loved seeing one of these at Road Atlanta, the sound alone is awesome
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