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  1. really good compilation I must say
  2. oh I've been so excited for this to come out!
  3. mighty fine work!
  4. well done, you should be proud of your work here
  5. looks great, well done!
  6. flaps look great, nice work
  7. good to know about the resin pipes, I have a set for my other kit
  8. there was a great article in the STL Post Dispatch this past sunday about it as well
  9. Hans demands his umbrella have a fringe edge! Love the work Brian!
  10. omg you're right, they ARE moon boots! With some work those space men can look 'ok'....but its a lot of work to end up with "ok"
  11. glad I could help! Keep crackin on, and yeah....those instructions are rubbish
  12. absolutely, I was not trying to stir anything up or slight your build, no offense meant at all!
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