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  1. great work on the gear! the oleo compression is correct from what I can recall of my previous research
  2. wow, I always wondered to what degree these were effective, I had no idea you could loop and roll with just trim!
  3. welcome back to the hobby and to the group! nice looking build you've got going here
  4. agreed, excellent episode! next week is gonna be HUGE with the start of the battle, as I understand it this season has 3 one and a half hour episodes, Im guessing this will be one. I do think this episode just fore shadowed a lot of who is going to die
  5. yeah the fist one was a scene setter for everything to come I assume the body count will start in the next one lol and yes, the dragon riding scene felt contrived to me (although fun to watch)
  6. I dont think Samwell has the fortitude to avenge his family, imho they deserved to be dragon snacks. Jon and Deanerys are just following along on the incestual targeryn traditions, they would be the 'IT' couple of the Iron Throne. Im curious to see how Bran and Jamie turn out, since Bran is now the new 3 eyed Raven and "should" know by now that Jamie chucked him out the window.
  7. sad news for sure, looks to be burned out totally, spire fell etc
  8. ^ I had my concerns as well but yeah..Burt/Scaled Composites designed it...it'll be fine
  9. yup, fan here as well watched it last night, any hot blond with dragons is OK in my book lol
  10. looks great! If I were to hazard a guess, the box its colliding with would be the morese code box
  11. WOW that looks awesome Erwin!!!!!
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