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  1. Shapeways (as far as I've experienced with them) 3D prints everything on site and in house and then sends it to you. It allows for designers to create profiles, upload designs and make them available to sell. Shapeways takes a percentage off the top since they are handling the production and shipping of the product, and the designer / seller receives whatever percentage they want ontop of it. Same process as my Warbird Wear shirt business on Redbubble.com. The other nice thing is they offer alot of different options as far as material goes. I bought a set of these wheels when they first came o
  2. Not sure if you've seen this already: https://www.shapeways.com/product/CMJWNZ6FU/1-18th-corsair-landing-gear-wheel-kit?optionId=41072772&li=marketplace
  3. Another little rough but otherwise fun kit. It had no cockpit to speak of so I scratchbuilt it out of sheet styrene. Everything else is out of the kit. Tried to do a decent green and brown camouflage paint scheme, but it came out less than optimal. But it will have to do. Original decals were WAY too old and far gone. I ordered a set of aftermarket decals and they too were old and disintegrating. I ended up trying to use them anyway and was mostly successful with applying them. They were decent enough to use in the end, and I needed to only touch up a few spots with paint. Landing gear has bee
  4. I built this simple Revell SnapTite A-10 recently. Found it at a Goodwill of all places! Stickers came with the kit, so I ordered a set of loose decals from another kit and despite being slightly yellowed, I used them anyway. I believe these markings actually call for a EU Dark Green Camo scheme but... eh, screw it. I wanted to do a grey A-10. Which by the way is JUST the grey rattle can primer paint I had lying around. I gave it the usual weathering without going over the top. I decided I wanted to kick it up a notch and added a base with terrain made out of baking soda. I did not use en
  5. This project was half a year in the making... During the summer in July, while working at the museum, I found a 1/48th scale Bandai Willys Jeep model kit in the gift shop. I never really built any armor (or even vehicles for that matter!) but since my father and I operate a 42 MB, I thought: "That'd be a pretty neat gift for the ole' man!" So I set about recreating our actual "FrankenJeep". Which is made up of a MB frame, Ford GPW Engine & Transmission, along with a new tub. But hey... from the outside, she's our Jeep! A Jeep called: "For Pete's Sake!" in honor of my grand
  6. I'm sure many know of you guys remember (or at least have heard of the) Bachman Mini-Planes Series from the 60s-70s. My father would tell me about them from his childhood, as I became fascinated with all things miniature. Eventually he started collecting them again and we ended up with around 40 or so. Considered fairly inaccurate for today's standards, they were a pretty great staple for their time. Aside from just collecting them, my dad started to take a particular interest in the WWI aircraft since they were all very close to HO Train
  7. Hi Jay! I just sent you a message but I know our museum, the Connecticut Air & Space Center, located in the original R&D Hangar of the Chance Vought Plant in Stratford, CT, would LOVE the chance to display your amazing piece of Connecticut history. What better place then the home of the Corsair!? Especially next to our own FG-1D. And the FG-1D at the NMNA in Pensacola is nice, but inaccurately painted. Ours will look like a factory fresh bird as she rolled off the assemble line in 1945!
  8. New one from the old man who is adding some aircraft to the Jolly Roger Diorama.... What should be a somewhat quick transformation of a CafeReo "BIG BIRD' B-24J (Cocktail Hour) into a 90th Bomb Group 400th Squadron aircraft known as "Ho Hum". 3D Image from unknown. The very thick nose gear doors removed and the nose wheel taken off for re positioning for a more realistic look. The fuselage windows painted in with fine point ink marker and to be touched up with Kyrstal Klear. The anti glare panel repainted olive drab with a touch of white to a m
  9. Both are now on display alongside a 1/48th scale Helldiver made by museum President, Gene Madara. More to come in this series...
  10. We put the extra Jeeps and Bikes into the diorama tonight, along with the first print version of the backdrop mural! The backdrop mural is just temporarily placed in with magnets. It was intentionally made longer since it was originally to be cut in the middle and glued to the two backing doors. But we think it may look better this way since the metal brackets are behind the print. We still need to trim it, but its not bad for a first print version. The thing is, you just never know what it's going to look like until you place in pl
  11. Just completed the Hurricane that Andrew Mamedoff was unfortunately killed in. These two will now be going to the museum to become a small display to honor Mamedoff. Still not "wowed" by the Hurricane's prop and hub so I might replace or change it later.
  12. Small update: The crashed Zero (along with a mostly unscathed Tony) have been added into the display along with the Jeep. I'm going to update / modify the backdrop mural a little bit, before sending it out to a printer. (Note: These shots were taken on my Dad's new phone and appear to have been scale down) And lastly, here a few shots of the overall display. Still a ways to go. Most of the artifacts have just been placed in the case without any rhyme or reason. We also need to locate the sh
  13. For those that don't know, my father and I are volunteers and board members for the Connecticut Air & Space Center in Stratford, Connecticut. It's a smaller museum, with about 17 different aircraft and helicopters, but we also operate our 1942 Willys Jeep out of there so is reaches a wider audience (much like the diorama). We've owned the Jeep since 2013 and have had to do a fair amount to get her to where she is today (both cosmetically and internally). Here's a shot of "For Pete's Sake" from a few years ago before we acquired the top, and few other additions.
  14. Thanks! My dad thought there should be a little more in the diorama. So he sacrificed one of my 21st Century Zeros. And I liked that one too! And the fabled "Jeep Project" He's recreating our 42 Willys that we operate out of the museum.
  15. Thanks so much! I might be convinced to do more background murals for people if there is a demand for it. For anyone interested in how my father made the extra bits of cargo for the diorama. First he started with small cut off bits of plastic. In this case Raychem he "liberated" from work and glued it onto a thin sheet of styrene. I found out years ago that rolling paper can be a FANTASTIC paper / canvas / cloth material for models. It was a great excuse for when my dad caught me with them, and it actually worked!
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