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  1. great work, keep at it! Love the display idea as well, down n durty about to slam onto the deck!
  2. fan freaking tastic! makes me miss working on mine
  3. nice work on the sharkmouth!
  4. welcome to the forums I lived in Grand Rapids for about 13 years, great city and I love and miss Michigan.
  5. great thread, following along for sure
  6. I recorded it last night as it conflicted with the Hockey Game
  7. love the paint work, well done
  8. thank you Tony! some of the videos I've seen of the drop have given me goose bumps
  9. wow, that paint work is fan freaking tastic
  10. I've been lucky enough to have taken a helo into the grand canyon to be dropped off from a hovering Jet Ranger to raft down the river for a week. One of THE most amazing trips of my life.
  11. i think this will be my post divorce celebration purchase
  12. whats the inlet "cover" on the lightning in a few of those pics? Lightning Run and Run2 to be specific looks to be blocked off but the heat plume from the engines say they're running
  13. he's lucky that didn't end up a LOT worse
  14. Watched a bunch of these (5) yesterday, some technical errors in the CGI of the B-25's, enjoyable though.
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