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  1. have you see the restoration video's online from Kermits team?
  2. love it! Any chance to kit it?
  3. nice, attractive scheme as well
  4. wow, love the mix of finished painted parts and the raw airframe
  5. " I'm not sure there's much point in putting the PE in, it's never going to be seen at the back end of the exhaust:" now say it with us all Max... "BUT I KNOW ITS IN THERE" ;)
  6. thx for the clarification, sorry for the misleading info.
  7. reach out to Kermit, he loves to talk about his airplanes!
  8. Model Monkey makes the dihedral tailplanes and a great cockpit set.
  9. good images here: https://www.cebudanderson.com/yellow10.htm
  10. sigh, sorry bout that. I google'd FW-190D13 and found the image
  11. I have a gallon of MEK, works SO amazingly well but the fumes will knock you out right out. Plus its extraordinarily explosive/flammable.
  12. can clearly see the wood flaps here airliner/net image bork'd
  13. wow, tricky bit of kit right there, looks great Max!
  14. Hrm, I was able to reach them last year to get new clear parts.
  15. the surviving D13 has restored wooden flaps, you can find pics of them on the web
  16. oh man, you're gonna do the 1/24 George!!! I scratch built my pit a few years ago, hit me up in DM and I can send you all the stuff I have for it. full gallery if you click the pic
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