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  1. nice, having built the old Monogram beast I too have the GWH kit in the stash.
  2. I hope you'll have a figure with it when done for scale. Kit looks nice, sharp casting.
  3. h o l y s&^%t those tail feathers are out of this world
  4. oooo, im loving these dirty birds....keep 'em comin.
  5. nice to see a build of this, I won one in the raffle as well this year
  6. outstanding, the figure in the bow doors really gives you the sense of scale
  7. lovely choice of scheme, I did the same on my 1/24 build
  8. Peter, she's a knock out. I do think (to my eye) that the MLG doors do set a bit too far out from the wheel, again thats just my eye. The stance is perfect IMHO and she looks like the real deal.
  9. cant wait to get it, but damn they missed the mark on some of the more colorful options for markings
  10. love it, great variation to the OD
  11. yeah I like it, adds even more character to the bird
  12. there are a lot of unique things I see in that pic
  13. Apaches get great weathering, search for swamp thing, its magnificent. It inspired this build for me:
  14. thank you, another winner! Went out and bought the new '190 book from Valiant.
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