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  1. outstanding, whats the LOA of the fuse?
  2. great work on the tail, looks MUCH better
  3. congrats Brian, wishing you both a happy healthy life together.
  4. this turned out fantastic, it has SO much character
  5. until this thread, I had no idea recon version existed!
  6. welcome aboard and great work on that BIG kitty!
  7. well done, those intakes look great
  8. Reno is on my bucket list! I have great book on air racing called "Wet Wings and Drop Tanks", sadly its in storage atm. I recommend a copy to anyone who loves air racing
  9. its a great kit in my opinion, Ive built a few of them over the years
  10. great work, keep at it! Love the display idea as well, down n durty about to slam onto the deck!
  11. fan freaking tastic! makes me miss working on mine
  12. nice work on the sharkmouth!
  13. welcome to the forums I lived in Grand Rapids for about 13 years, great city and I love and miss Michigan.
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