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  1. I usually use finer grades of sandpaper and lightly go over a decal (don't seal them! just wait until they've dried for a few days for best results), once its been faded, you can seal them and then dry brush them, oil washes tend to help with a 'staining' effect. Someone else remarked that testing it on a scrap piece is also a good idea, especially if using new materials or you're still perfecting your technique. Dan
  2. Really nice paint job, perfect amount of weathering, subtle and not overdone.
  3. I'm definitely in for a kit of a 1/32 YF-23....I still say the USAF should've picked the YF-23...
  4. AKAN makes really good colors and paints. Their line of paints comes in both acrylic or lacquer. I've only used their acrylic and they spray very well, the only tricky part comes if you use their acrylics for fine detailing, 'mottling' work for fading/weathering, Luftwaffe WWII, etc. then you just need a q-tip with thinner on it to remove the paint that often dries on the tip (this doesn't happen so much if you're doing airbrushing on a larger area spraying a larger volume of paint. Overall I think they're the best match for Russian subjects. I've been using them on a massive Flanker diorama project in 1/32 with 3 flankers, an mi-8 hip, and some ground vehicles.
  5. I actually did this same plane in the same scale a couple years ago so its nice to see someone else take a crack at it too. I might have some extra Tamiya F-16 cockpits if you need one. Tamiya also has great customer service and sell replacement sprues and parts at reasonable prices too if you needed to go that route. Send me a PM if you'd like a canopy and i'll send it free of charge.
  6. So for the regular standard-issue Su-27 Flanker I'm having trouble finding out what color is used for some of the pylons. I'm aware some of the pylons have the light blue fuselage color on a small portion, but what I'm trying to find out is what is the grey color used for the missile pylons? Is it the same grey used on the upper surfaces camouflage scheme? Or is it a different color. Any help is appreciated. Dan
  7. I once spent about a year on a Tamiya 1/32 F-15C Eagle, I fixed it up with just about any and every piece of aftermarket out there, reference books and photos, etc. and then when I was at the end putting the decals on I got greedy. I decided to apply a heavy duty decal softening agent that has a VERY short amount time to work with before it starts to soften the decal. Well the decal got destroyed and then my attempt to fix it made it even worse. Luckily the decals were still available (for $35.00) and I then had to wait about a week (a small eternity at the time), and I had to strip the paint down to bare plastic and then redo the intricate paint job using a large variety of colors (otherwise it wouldn't match), lucky enough again I had plenty of paint available and fix it. It took all I could not to smash the damn thing to pieces, lots of screaming, swearing, and violently throwing objects around (plus a pack of cigarettes long after I quit) and it was fixed and turned out wonderfully, but at the time I had a complete meltdown. One of the things I've learned with modeling is the there will ALWAYS be problems with building kits, whether big or small but learning how to fix and overcome the problems is what modeling is all about. Sorry you had to go through that, set it down, have a cigarette and a drink and then come back to it. Let us know how it turns out! Dan
  8. We really need to get you into doing a highly weathered aircraft, like a Russian Su-27 from the arctic region or an old MiG-29. Airbrushing these requires a lot of skill, patience, and study, but its a lot of fun. I've been in the middle of a little modeling hiatus (soon to be over once I get some custom decals in the mail), I'm doing a 1/32 scale diorama featuring 3 Su-27 Flankers, 1 Mi-8 Hip, a couple Russian ground vehicles, figures/ground crew & equipment, terrain, etc. I'm planning on turning it into a WIP once I've gotten the first "test" plane done and have mastered and figured out the building techniques. Anyhow I think once you see the airbrushing result from the technique I use you might take an interest :-) Consider it for next time!
  9. DJ Parkins. They're VERY detailed, basically a kit unto themselves, you'll need get Two Bobs 1/32 stencils for the AIM-120s to get the real thing.
  10. So I'm working on a large 1/32 Su-27 diorama, with 3 Flankers, 1 Mi-8 Hip, 2 ground vehicles, scratch built equipment, terrain, foliage, etc. I lucked out and came out with reference photos for all angles for all the aircraft and have decals for them. However, there is one decal not included on the sheet from 'Blue 36' on the right forward fuselage, its a small Russian Air Force "Sunburst?" flag with the yellow and blue stripes with a small set of wings and Red Star in the middle. I don't have any graphics programs but I was wondering if someone would be able to help design just this one decal in 1/32 scale for me (I can send a photo to show specifically what the marking is). Please help! and thank you! Dan
  11. Just wondering if anyone has heard of anyone that is planning to release a 1/32 MiG-25 'Foxbat'?
  12. I'm curious if it's possible to take the Trumpeter 1/32 Su-27 Flanker B and using some parts from the 1/32 Su-30 (notably the forward fuselage area with the refueling probe, offset IR probe and subsequent front canopy correction, and nose gear) and scratch building...could it be done? Here are some thoughts on considerations involved: For the cockpit? (it's mostly MFDs on the new one I think, and the rest could probably be scratched. Exhausts: could the resin exhausts can be modified to at least approximate the thrust-vectored nozzles. Nose/forward fuselage: could the Zactoman nose be modified with a point on the tip and some styrene/other material strips on the radome? Or is the diameter/shape different on the Su-35 and would require basically completely redoing it? Vertical stabilizers: What work would need to be done on the vertical stabilizers? Fuselage: I know the Su-35 had the airbrake removed, could one just fill, smooth and then re-scribe the areas/panel detail appropriately, or is the shape much different? Tail boom: I know the tail boom is different but if one just took measurements of the Great Wall Hobby part(s) could it be scratch built without too much trouble. I understand this is no one-day, simple and easy conversion job, but I'm wondering if it could be done with reasonably solid modeling skills? Or does anyone have a word on if a 1/32 Su-35 (or conversion set, oooooohhhhh Zactoman.................:-) is being planned by any company out there? Dan
  13. I can't wait to see what you do with the Fulcrum, any ideas for a specific plane? I know I've got mine already picked out.
  14. 1.) 1/32 Su-34 Fullback, they often don't cover Russian subjects..... 2.) 1/32 F-14D Tomcat New tool/details, with the fit/technology of the new 1/48, with last cruise and OEF/OIF Decals, some line jets. 3.) 1/32 Bf-109F-2/4 on par with the detail of Mustang and Spitfire, but with Marseille markings. 4.) An "expansion set" for the 1/32 F-16CJ, a 2 seat option for B/D, Israeli modifications/markings, OCU parts, aggressor markings. 5.) 1/32 F-22 Raptor, the weathering potential rivals naval aircraft....
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