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3D Printed Space: 1999 Eagle Transporter in 1/32 WIP


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Hello LSP,


One of the reasons I got into 3D Printing was to create my own Space 1999: Eagle Transporters.  Earlier this year I built a 22" (1/48) version, printed in PLA and PETG, simply glued together with Elmer's white glue.  Recently I started building a 1/32 verssion (about 32 7/16" in length), with more refinments on how parts fit together.  Metal parts and hardware are used for strength to handle the additional weight.  The landing gears are fully articulated with springs.  The ultimate goal is to build a 44" studio scale (1/24).  It is work in progress but close to the finish line with the bottom of the passenger pod and spine/cage clamps left to go.  But most likely I may change some designs and reprint some parts as I go along.  The main spine and cages are temporarily clamped together until I sort out the small clamps.  I have not done any post processing, opting to use different filament colors and materials for now.  I understand resin printing would yield much smoother prints, but probably at a higher cost and print times.


This is a tribute to the iconic Brian Johnson design.  I hope you like it.




Yes, those are 1 inch grids.





Simple interior in the Command Module



Size comparision with the 22" Eagle (1/48).



Command modules and landing gears in three sizes (1/24, 1/32, and 1/48).





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19 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Oh man, this is so cool! I started printing a 22" (1/48) version last year, but had too many failures and gave up. I must get back to it. And this might be just the inspiration I need!


Fantastic stuff.




Hi Kev,

Yes, you must get back to it!  This has been a challenging project for me with many trial and error, failed prints, design changes, etc.  Thanks to the modular design of the original filming models, I could work on sub-assemblies knowing they'll fit together at the end.  Also re-watching the episodes along with the build made it more fun.


7 hours ago, thierry laurent said:

Terrific! I loved Space 1999 when I was a teenager! The Voodoo in the background also looks interesting. What is the scale? 1/48 or larger?


Hi Thierry,

Glad to hear you loved the TV show.  I am a fan of many Gerry Anderson shows.  Sharp eye spotting the Voodoo.  That's my other reason for getting into 3D printing.  The one in the background on the left is a 1/48 scale.  The one on the right.....   ;-)  I will post in a separate thread hopefully in the near future. 



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Since this is a WIP thread, I would like to present some background information and some in progress photos.


This model was based on David Sisson's Eagle One restoration (http://davidsissonmodels.co.uk/eagle1.htm), the excellent series of Eagle Transporter models released by MPC/Round2, as well as information from many Space: 1999 fan sites and other Eagle builders.  The original filming models were built as sub-assemblies, either friction fit together or attached with small metal screws/clamps.  I tried to follow the similar breakdown, but have taken the liberty to simplify details (mostly greebles on the walkway boxes) and materials.  The spine and cages, for example, are 3d printed plastic instead of brass tubing welded together. 




In my first 1/48 attempt, everything was printed, including non-articulating landing gear legs, and simply glued together with Elmer's glue.  In this new 1/32 version, I tried to use different color filaments, more metal hardware, brass tubings for the spine, and metal parts for the articulating landing gear mechanisms.  The hope is the same design can be applied to a 44" version.  There are many repeated and symmetrical elements, so I could prototype and refine one module, and then duplicate/mirror the other parts.


Here are a the top and bottom views of the 22" eagle.



The new larger versions started with prototypes of the landing gear and pad in 1/32 and 1/24.  The struts are metal straws or parts from a sink dish rack from Daiso.  I tried a few different springs to get the right compression.



Command modules of different sizes were next.  



In order to handle the additional weight, I used K&S brass tubings along the length of the spine.



Cages, walkway boxes, and walkway shelves followed.



The shoulder pods took a few iterations.



Standing on legs.




Various engine bells.



Passenger Pod



For the Command Module anti-glare and side thruster blast shield panels, I printed thin sheets of matte black.




The combustion chambers and sphereical tanks and pipings were printed in one piece.



Passenger pod attached to the spine with connectors and screws.



And this is the progress so far.  Hopefully the passenger pod floor and bottom will go smoothly.  I plan to prime and paint the model after all the parts are done. 





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Great work so far. I got into resin printing for similar reasons as I wanted a 1/24 scale Apollo CSM and LEM . The Eagle in 1//32 scale would be cool. David Sisson is a great modeller and his scratch-built models are excellent. Look forward to seeing more progress and thanks fro sharing with us.

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On 11/26/2023 at 8:29 PM, Maxim61 said:

Great work so far. I got into resin printing for similar reasons as I wanted a 1/24 scale Apollo CSM and LEM . The Eagle in 1//32 scale would be cool. David Sisson is a great modeller and his scratch-built models are excellent. Look forward to seeing more progress and thanks fro sharing with us.

Thanks Maxim61!


2 minutes ago, Dandiego said:

Great work. Love the size. So "studio" models are 1:24?

I am going to be working on a Star Wars Y wing. Seems like serious collectors and modelers prefer the "studio " scale. I can print the Y wing any scale I want but hadn't decided on scale yet.





Hi Dan,

Thanks!  I am not sure about other shows, but for Space: 1999, the largest of the Eagle filming miniatures (44") borrowed the astronauts from the Revell 1/24 Gemini kit, so I guess that makes it 1/24.  They also built half and quater sizes for different scenes.  There were live action sets for the interior (cockpit and passenger pod), but they don't necessarily scale with the miniatures.  I took some liberty there for my simple interior.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Some updates.  I added Passenger Pod windows with black inserts from the inside and printed clear pieces to simulate clear perspex sheets painted black underneath.  The effect isn't quite as good since the printed clear pieces are rather frosty.  For the windshields I glued 20 thou PETG sheets cut to shape onto thin printed frames.





For the spine and cages, I printed clamps with PETG.  This is sort of a workaround since the non-functionting clamps have already been printed along with the cages and reprinting the cages would take too long.  Hopefully they don't look too obtrusive.




Tapes and temporary metal clamps are off.


One of the landing gear part broke off.  The replacement part was easily installed thanks to the modular design of the original Eagle model.









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The major construction is done.  It might be a while before I get to painting.  This has been quite a journey.  I have tried new things, and learned much.  There is definitely room for improvement in some of the part designs, and someday I may attempt the 1/24 studio scale.  Overall I am very happy with the result.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have enjoyed the process.















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