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  1. After digging through some more drawings, photos, and forums postings, I think I might have an answer about the radome. It is yes and yes. The radome does end at CFS48.28, but there is a metal ring (for mounting?) on the aft portion of radome that is supposed to be painted the same color as the aircraft (from CFS46.68 to CFS48.28?), which also isn't always followed. So painting wise, the radome looks like it ends at CFS46.68 (radome trim) sometimes, and CFS48.28 other times, but physically it ends at CFS48.28. SC
  2. Hello All, After looking quickly through my photo library, I didn't find good side shots of Phantoms with long focal length, so I'll use a few closer shots of an F-4S to overlay MDD F-4K Drawing 3762 (in cyan) that Derek B was so kind to share with me. The drawing is only good along the vertical center plane (BL0.0), so cannot match any features that deviate from there. Comparing flat 2d drawings (inaccurate shapes, inconsistent scaling or warping, etc.) and 3d photos (perspective, lens distortion, warping, cropping, etc.) I have found to be very
  3. I have been doing some measurements on Phantom kits from various companies, and this is the approximate cross section of the Tamiya 1/32 F-4C kit (in white) compared to Jumpei Temma's drawing (in red). This is for information only and is not meant to devaluate the Tamiya kit (or other Phantom kits in general) in any way. SC
  4. The AOA vane on late C-Config ROCAF F-5Es (sharknose, RWR, etc.) moved to the port side above the emergency entrance door to accomodate refueling probe installation (though they were not installed). Early ROCAF F-5Es are known as the K-Config (conical nose, skyspot rod antenna, etc.). I believe F-5Es with refueling probe installed on the starboard side would also have the AOA vane on the port side. SC
  5. I think the KH cockpit floor might be too shallow. Here is the approximate cross section at Y=229.5 for both Hasegawa (green) and KH (blue) kits, and T-38 rear cockpit (red) near the same position. (I believe the T-38 rear cockpit is similar to the single seater cockpit, please confirm.) Looks like the Hasegawa cockpit floor is more accurate in depth, but the side consoles are too low, whereas the KH side consoles are more accurate in height, but the floor is too high (when compared to the T-38 rear cockpit). Each grid spacing is one inch. This will probably affect fitting in accurat
  6. A few more observations. The Skyspot Antenna on the spine closely behind the canopy is not on the later F-5Es. The IFF Antenna right next to the nose landing gear well door is not on the early F-5Es. It is usually upgraded with the front and rear RWR and CDS at the same time. See post #601 above to see both configs. The battery access door on the starbord avionics bay should be closer to the RWR receiver. There are older configs wtih two doors on the starboard side, and newer configs with one each on both port and starboard sides, in which case on
  7. I got the kit a few days ago, and noticed that the doors to the fold-out boarding steps and external canopy handle are also on the starboard side when they should only be on the port side. Hasegawa did this too. Also the oval panel of the AOA probe is below the canopy emergency release access instead of above. SC
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