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ICM 1/35th scale CH-54A (Erickson Air Crane)


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       After waiting for what seemed to be an eternity, the kit was finally released. I’ve wanted to do an Erickson Air Crane for the longest time, in a large scale. At the start of my journey, I decided to roll the dice, and see if I could get any information directly from Erickson HQ in Oregon. Not only did they help me get started, but they answered questions that I had along the way. 
        One of the main areas that I needed  help with, was the Fire Tank itself. They provided me specific photos I needed to get started on scratch building it. The next hurdle, was the orange color of their aircraft. To my surprise, they sent me the actual paint code for me to match. 
         These are the following items that were scratch built. The entire Fire Tank, the tool box/cargo container in front of the Fire Tank, the landing gear struts, (The kit comes with single wheels on the rear struts. “Bubba”, the aircraft I modeled, has dual wheels and the rear struts). The steps that go up to the tail rotor gearbox. I used everything from plastic card stock, to brass tubing to get the job done. The decals came from a company in Germany. They are fantastic. 

         It took quite some time for the scratch building. I learned a lot along the way. Erickson was a huge help in making this project a reality.  



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Wow! That is just incrediblel! The efforts you made to engineer and craft all that detail is inspiring. So much to look at!


The time you took in research to get it right is pretty impressive too. I think it's easier for those of us who do mostly military subjects. The information is usually readily available in documents, photos, books and online. Civilian subjects probably aren't as well covered. That was very kind of the company to provide so much information.


Amazing stuff, thanks for sharing this. 



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9 hours ago, Dog1 said:

This is just stunning work on a fantastic subject.. one of the nicest I have seen..!!


I don't suppose you have a build log to go with this?


I have the standard kit but no idea how to convert her to the Erikson Skycrane!






          Erickson Inc. put the model on their facebook page. They also have a link that details the building process.  “S-64 Model resources “ I’d be more than happy to help you get started. I can give you my number and email in a message. 


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