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  1. Wow, it looks real! So many things I could comment on. The big thing that sticks out is your weathering. The diorama that you constructed is eye popping. I look forward to more of your builds. Congratulations!! Chris
  2. She’s a stunner Jan. Your painting skills are top notch. Thanks for sharing. Chris
  3. From what you started with, this one turned out amazing. As always, your painting skill have shifted into overdrive. Congratulations Chris. Now, get to work on that Super Hornet. Chris
  4. What a beauty! I must agree with James, comment above. I really like the camouflage scheme on yours. I have this kit in my stash. You have motivated me to start mine. Thanks so much for sharing. Chris
  5. One question John. How were you able to shrink a real plane down to that size? I agree with Mike. It’s definitely museum quality. Thanks for sharing this beauty. Chris
  6. One word…..STUNNING! Top shelf paint work. Congratulations on your master piece. Now, I must go to my build area and work on my skills! Lol. Chris
  7. The build and paint job are truly top notch. Photos are great as well. Chris
  8. Big fan of your work Mike. From the weathering, to your figure painting, I’m truly amazed at your skills. Thanks so much for posting Chris
  9. Thanks a lot Peter. The decals are from Zotz. Very easy to work with. Nice and thin to. After a gloss coat, the decals were applied. I prefer to use Walthers Solvaset as my decal solution. It does a very nice job of melting the decal down into all of the crevices and cracks. Because the decals were so thin, once I applied the decal solution, I did not try and readjust them. Regards Chris
  10. She’s a beauty!! Great job on the paint and weathering. The exhaust nozzle. Chris
  11. https://www.flickr.com/photos/159342774@N07/albums/72177720300583451 I’m working on a better way to post the photos here directly. Click on the above link, and it will take you to flickr.com where the album is. I was able to build this pretty old kit for a good friend of mine. He was in the Navy, and worked in the aviation branch . He picked up this kit for $20. Pretty straight forward build. The only issue with the kit was that the canopy was warped on the rear section. Because of this, I chose to open the canopy partially as they were going down the taxiway. Thanks for taking a look. Any comments or feedback are welcome all the time. Happy modeling! Chris
  12. I’m at a loss for words. This is one amazing model. From the weathering, to all the detail. One of the best Corsairs I’ve seen. Congratulations and thanks for sharing. Chris
  13. Great photography. The weathering and wear is just the right amount. Cheers Chris
  14. The paint job really makes this build stand out. Fantastic job. Chris
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