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New airscale Pro range - 1/32 Me109 G2/4 - Revell


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On 9/6/2023 at 4:53 PM, airscale said:

Just put this on our website - might be useful



Hello , may I suggest for long parts to keep a support a the end of the long part and to cut all which are between, to not give "bad" vibrations which could brake the small section of the long part and at the end, to finish with cutting the ended support. (I hope you can understand my "charabia", but I'm sure you can ;-)

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39 minutes ago, crobinsonh said:

Lovely work - any chance of 1/24th 109E and G-10?


anything is possible :)


certainly all the 3D parts just scale up - I was toying with adding a bespoke order thing so you just specify the scale for wheels, & bits & bobs - anything in the 3D range could be available in any size


just reworking the canopy in the set as I put the E canopy on - what a doofus..

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