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My wife's new job! (Trust me, it's sorta related)


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My wife has been in education for the last 10-12 years, and was looking to make a change, so imagine my surprise when she goes and gets a job here: https://cubcrafters.com/.

Given that I've been an aircraft nut my whole life, it's ironic that she would be the one who winds up working in that industry. I've always loved these beautiful little planes, and secretly would love to build one their kits. Talk about a model! 



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37 minutes ago, ScottsGT said:

Congrats to the wife!  Yet another in education leaves for greener pastures.  SC has lost thousands of teachers in the past 4 or 5 years.  
Maybe it’s time for that pilots license??

Tempting, for sure! I know I can weasel rides in them pretty easily now....

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On 11/21/2022 at 12:11 PM, Out2gtcha said:

Nice man!  That is super cool. Would nice to see the factory and see how they go together too. 

Ya, they've already offered tours, so I'll be doing that at some point. 


BTW, they are SUPER busy, orders booked way out, and they just went public, so if anyone is interested in investing, check it out. Unless you live in Washington state, then our state govt has levelled some kind of crazy restrictions on people in our state investing in businesses here. I don't really get it, I just know I can't buy stock in it.

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