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FW 190A (Revell) - Pic Heavy!!!


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Hi Guy's,

Well after the disappointment with the FW 190D9 that I am stalled on, I thought I'd drag this project off the shelf and get started on it.

Now, I am no FW 190 expert, so I may need some help throughout this build, but as far as I am concerned, I have everything that I need to get going.

Don't worry about the 'Sturmbock' boxing of the kit, it's actually just a standard A version kit in there, but it was loose so I had to use this box to keep it in as it was the only spare box I had that I could find!


So, I have all of these bits and pieces to add in with the build, and a lovely wooden base to put it on as well. I am going to try and open up a few extra panels as well as the engine and forward gun bay, things like Fuel Filler Caps, Main Fuselage Access, Tail Wheel Access Panel, Etc.




And the schemes that I have to decide on are:


Yellow 8 of JG 301.

There are plenty of pictures showing this towards the end of the war with patched up paintwork, patched up and Mismatched panels, etc.


(I actually really like the Black/White Chequer Cowl version from 1943.


I was also asked by a few people what my work bench looks like:





So, with mojo still on a high, on we go.................



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tried to follow the Rockie's instructions?


Easy peasy... go to your Flickr page and click on the photo. In the lower right of the new window you will see four icons. Click on the arrow that points to the right, and copy the link that you see in the dialog box that pops up. Go to your new post window in LHS, click in the window like you would to enter text, paste the link, hit enter and your picture should show up... You don't need to use the "Insert image from URL" button at all

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  • Aviacom changed the title to FW 190A (Revell) JG301 - Yellow 8

So, it's one of these schemes that i'll do this in, but i'm undecided which!


(I do like the 'Checker Nosed' bird!!) 

I also have the masks for the Nowotny bird and also the Yellow 8 aircraft, Hmmmm, decisions decisions!


Which one would you do??




FW JG301





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  • Aviacom changed the title to FW 190A (Revell) - Pic Heavy!!!

I've been 'tinkering' with this build for the last couple of days! 

Really enjoying it.

I also started cutting out every removable hatch on the aircraft and started backing off the holes with the right flanges, etc.

I also bought a new 'Toy' to work alongside my H&S Infinity CRPlus airbrush, I've used it a few times so far and WOW!! What a game changer it is!


So, i'll let the pictures speak for themselves. (Please bare in mind this aircraft will be modelled weathered, filthy and pretty beat up, just like they were with the constant daily use they got)






















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