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  1. Hi, I am about to spray my Tamiya F-16C in the 'Have Glass' scheme, and in the markings of an aircraft that is currently at Spangdahlem in Germany. What I would like to know, as I am going to cut the masks for the Tail Codes and Numbers, (I already have etched Stencil Masks from Eduard) is what color they are, Dark or Light Ghost Grey? I take it the Wing Fuel Tanks and Centreline Tank would also be Ghost Grey as well? I am looking to do the AIM-120's under the wing and the AIM-9X on the Wing Tip Pylons, along with AGM-65 Marvericks and Fuel Tanks under the wings, for a different loadout to the normal that you see on other models, would that be a typical load? Thanks
  2. Would you be able to print one for another modeller? (Me!)
  3. Good Morning Chaps, Does anyone know, or are there any rumours, of any markings, be they decals or paint masks, being produced for the new Belgian 'Dream Viper' F-16 scheme? I have a Tamiya F-16 with all the aftermarket to make it a European MLU version, just sat here waiting for such markings! Thanks
  4. MRP Is MR Paint, the great lacquer paints from Slovakia
  5. Thanks so much for all your help, from everybody! Now, All I need to do is find out which MRP Paint colors are for each scheme, any help would be appreciated there if possible? I have got to admit, I do like the Splinter scheme! Thanks
  6. That IS the scheme that I truly love!! This is the scheme that want to see on an Su-30?
  7. I absolutely love this scheme, I really really do, and as there is no Su-34 Fullback in 1/32 to put it on, I thought the next best thing would be the Su-30, hence why I was asking if any of the Soviet Su-30's ever had this scheme applied? Thanks
  8. I did mean the current Fullback schemes of the Green and Blues. I think it’s a lovely scheme and wondered if it had ever been on an Su-30? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sukhoi_Su-34#/media/File:MAKS2015part1-10_(cropped).jpg
  9. Hi All, I'm confused by some of the information that I have on the F-35. Until I can clear up this confusion, I'm at a halt on my 1/32 F-35! So, the White U/C and Weapons bays, the color given is 'White', now is this FS17875 White or Pure White? For the Overall 'Have Glass' Scheme, some say FS36118 Gunship Gray, whilst others state FS36170 Camo Gray? Obviously with the 'Have Glass' Matt Varnish over the main Gray. Same for the RAM Panels and Nose, some say FS36375 Light Ghost Gray (Looks to light to me), some say FS36320 Dark Ghost Gray (Looks right to me), and some say FS36134. So which is actually correct? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks so much for all your help!! Decision made - F-35 it is!! I will make a start on it this week and do a progress thread if wanted? Thanks so much again
  11. Funnily enough, thats EXACTLY how I feel with every model I build!!
  12. Please do tell me more about the inaccuracies on the Su-30 and potential fixes. Would any of the aftermarket that I have got (Listed in a post above this one) fix any?
  13. Hi, Accuracy is good, but it wont stop me building anything, if it looks like the subject it's supposed to be then that's ok, so long as say, a Eurofighter does'nt look like a Spitfire then it'll be good for me. Space isn't to much of an issue as i've a large 'Ex Shop' Glass Display Case that I put all my models in, and the Su-30 fits in there just fine. Cheers
  14. Chris, Thanks for your response. I have the following items for the Su-30 ResKit Su-27 Exhausts ResKit Su-27 Late Type Wheels Aires Su-27 Wheelbays Quinta Studio Su-30 Large Cockpit Set Quickboost K-36 Seats ReedOak 3D Printed Modern Soviet Pilots in Summer Flight Suits NorthStar Etched Su-27 Ladders and Tow Bar Custom paint masks for Soviet Camo that I did on my own Mask Cutter Eduard Su-27 Exterior Set Zacto Nose Zacto Intakes ResKit Missiles of two types Bergemot Su-27 Full Stencil Set As for the F-35, I have: Kopecky Flaps and Tailplanes Sets Kopecky Exhaust Set Red Fox Cockpit Set Legend Mk 16 Seat I'm doing Custom Masks for the Lakenheath Letters/Numbers ReedOak Pilot Resin Wheels Top Notch RAM Masks Metallic Details Bomb Bay Etch Eduard Exterior Etch Eduard Wheelbay Etch As for the Eurofighter, I only have the kit and the Fantasy Printshop decal set, I was looking at the Phase Hanger Resin bits for the Typhoon and the ResKit Exhausts/Wheels, Quickboost Seat and Red Fox Cockpit set. As for paints, no problem there for the Su-30 as I have a complete set of Soviet MRP paints here, and also a few bottles of the special 'Have Glass' Grey/Varnish for the F-35! I only use MRP anyway. Hmmmmmmmm, still undecided.
  15. Hi Guy's, I've 'finally' cleared my 'Shelf of Doom', so I'm looking at my next project. I opened the box on my Italeri Tornado ECR but don't fancy it, then I looked at my MiG-29 9-13 'Ukrainian Digital' but again, I really don't fancy that right now either. So, looking around the net, I've set myself a budget to work to and have narrowed my next project down to one of the following builds: 1. Trumpeter Su-30 with aftermarket bits - to be built as a current aircraft from the Soviet Air Force that's involved with the mess in the Ukraine. 2. Trumpeter Eurofighter with aftermarket bits - done in the 'Black Jack/Union Jack' scheme. 3. Italeri F-35 - fully loaded with bits - Done as one of the new aircraft now stationed at Lakenheath. I just want something appealing and different, different from the 'norm' as I normally do WW2 subjects and some modern stuff, but feel like my mojo is 'waning' at the moment, so need the next project to 'pick me up'. These three certainly have peaked my interest, and I'm actually leaning ever so slightly towards the Su-30. So, if possible, I'd like some help from any members that have built any of these kits, with the Pro's/Con's of each kit, which kit you'd do and why? Ideally I'd like to make a start on Monday, so I'll leave it a day or so to read any replies or help here before I drag one on to the bench! Then, as it'll be my first time, I'll do a full WIP thread in the Progress section. That should be fun!! Looking forward to the help and replies. Many Thanks
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