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  1. Hi, Ive a number of Vietnam era USN aircraft in line to start ‘imminently’, A-1H, A-4F, A-6, Etc. Im looking to start the Trumpeter A-1H tomorrow, hopefully, and have a few questions; Are there any interesting load outs for the A-1H that included the Mk 77 Napalm Bomb? Any interesting or different load outs full stop? Did the USN ever use RBF Tags on the aircraft or weapons? Apologies for all the questions. Where is a good source for finding this kind of info please? Cheers
  2. On eBay UK, some has both unmade and made 1/32 Brimstones for sale that they have created resin kits of. £30GBP a pair.
  3. Are there any ‘Tweak Lists’ for this kit?
  4. That looks excellent! What thickness Plastic Card did you use please?
  5. I’m just about to start my all time favourite aircraft build, as a memorial and dedicated to my late father. A 1/32 Marineflieger Tornado in the Basalt Grey/Light Grey scheme. I have a load of aftermarket for it, but I need some aftermarket wing glove seals and intake covers, could someone point me in the right direction please? I’m going all out on this build! Thanks.
  6. I have always always wanted to model one of the HH-60’s in 1/35 - namely one of them from Kodiak in Alaska. Can anyone point me in the right direction of which kit to start with please, any aftermarket parts or decals to do one? Thanks in advance.
  7. What new Markings/Decals are available for the new 1/32 A-26? Or are there any ‘in the pipeline’? cheers
  8. Hi, Before I submit my debit card details, does anyone know if the Eduard Brassin F4U Resin R2800 Engines fit into the Hobbyboss A-26 Invader Cowlings please? Cheers.
  9. Hi, On my wish list to build this year, are a Ukrainian MiG-29 and SU-29. So, that said, I’m looking at the Trumpeter MiG-29 (Which one for a Ukrainian machine??), and the Trumpeter SU-27. My question is, what’s the best aftermarket out there for these two kits as I really want to go to town on them?!!!! Has anyone got or used the Cold War Studio Resin Cockpit for the MiG-29? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi! Ive got a Tamiya 32nd Scale Mossie nearing completion and want to do it as an aircraft that flew with the SEAC in India during 1945. I like to mask and spray all my markings where possible, but cannot for the life of me find out what the Roundel sizes were for the Upper Wings and Fuselage, but also the Fuselage Code Letters and Aircraft registration number? Ive got the Modellers Datafile book but that doesn’t cover the SEAC Markings, and Ive spent many hours searching the web, but come up blank!! Can anyone here help please with the full size
  11. Hi, Ive always wanted to make the two LSP’s below, does anyone know where I could get them please, conversions, etc? Royal Navy AEW 1 Skyraider CAC Boomerang I already have a 1/32 Trumpeter AD-4 Skyraider so could use that for the AEW Royal Navy Conversion? Boomerang, I have no clue if one has ever been made? Thanks in advance.
  12. Yes it’s very helpful indeed, thanks very much. Each post teaches me a lot more about the subject that I’m going to take the plunge on and make very soon. Thanks again
  13. Hi, l’ve always wanted to do a very early Spitfire Mk1 of 19 Sqn when they were at Duxford in 1938. I have the 1/32nd Revell Spit Mk2a (New version) but can’t seem to find and aftermarket for it regarding the Watts 2 Blade Prop, Resin Cockpit, Correct Oil Cooler, Etc. As it’s been an ambition of mine to do this for my lounge display cabinet, I’d like to throw all that I can at it to make it the ultimate Spitfire model. Can anyone point me in the right direction please of what aftermarket items I would need for this project, and where to get them please,
  14. Hi all, Im about to bite the bullet next week and buy the 1/32 SU-25UB Frogfoot, mainly because it’s an ugly beast and unusual. I also want to throw a load of resin at it too, just for something different, and I see that Aires make a load of sets, but, what I want to know is will the Frogfoot A Wheel Bays and the Electronics bays fit into the two seat UB version? Im really looking at doing a fully loaded (Weapons wise) Ukrainian Digital Camo version, so would like to know what aftermarket there is out there for this kit, what’s the best for it, how’s the kit build,
  15. Do you have any web links for me to look at regarding the US MiG-23’s please?
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