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  1. I have been lucky enough, very lucky in fact as the wife bought me the 1/32 HPH Catalina Full Kit, for my birthday. I want to start it this weekend in my brand new workshop that I’ve spent the past 3 months building. I am struggling however, for a scheme for it! I certainly DONT want to do it White, or overall Black. I am torn between an RAF Temperate Sea Scheme (Extra Dark Sea Grey/Dark Slate Grey/Sky) or one of the US Navy Tri Color Schemes. Trouble is, I also don’t want to do a ‘Common’ aircraft like the RAF coded ‘WX.....’ So, after being
  2. Two aircraft that REALLY interest me, but I cannot find in 32nd or 24th (Or larger!!) kit form are; Czech Cmelak PZL Wilga To me, the ugliness is the beauty of them. Does anyone know of either of these two in kit form in any of the above scales? Id love to have one or both of them in my display cabinet! Thanks
  3. Are there any decent or better aftermarket stencils out there for either of the Kitty Hawk kits as the kit decals are ever so thick and basically look crap!! Ive got both the C and the D/N kits. Magic 550 Missiles and Mica Missiles, what color are they? Light Grey? (Which Grey is best to use?) or White?? Thanks.
  4. Anyone know what the Grey/Green Colors are for the Mirage 2000D/N? Even better, know what the MRP numbers would be?
  5. Im looking at a pair of the Mica missiles and Pylons for the French twin seater for the outermost stations, that correct? what’s the twin rack used on the center station to hang the GBU’s on? Is it the BLU rack the same as on the F-16’s?
  6. Hi Guys, I’ve got BOTH the Kitty Hawk Mirage 2000 kits, I’ve basically fell in love with them! So, to do them as they deserve, I’ve decided to do the single seat as a Greek aircraft and keep the twin sticker as a French aircraft. For the Greek 2000, I already have the Grand Models Wheels, Resin Cockpit and Greek Fuel Tanks, as well as the Reskit Exhaust, Procal Decals for the Greek markings. For the French 2000D/N I have the Reskit Wheels, Exhaust and the Quinta Cockpit set. So, again, as this type isn’t really my forte, I’ve some questions that need answ
  7. Apart from the Live Resin figure sets, are there any further US Heli Crew Figures available for the 1990 to 2020 era? Thanks
  8. I’ve just got hold of the 1/35 Kitty Hawk SH-60F and HH-60G Heli kits. Im wondering what aftermarket is available for these kits, if any, please? I actually fancy doing a diorama with the SH-60F and having the main rotors folded and the tail folded, sat there tied down to a carrier deck, any help there please? Cheers
  9. What aftermarket items, including decals, are available for the Revell F/A-18E?? Will the Avionix resin cockpits for the Academy kits fit in this? Any problems with this kit? Cheers
  10. As the title asks, what’s the best aftermarket for the Tamiya F-16CJ?? Cockpit - Aires or Avionix? Wheelbays - Aires or CMK? Burner Can - Aires or Reskit? Wheels - Aires or ??? Anything else?? I will be building a USAFE Block 50 aircraft and already have the kit, not I’m just starting to gather the aftermarket on recommendations. Thanks in advance!
  11. I’m wondering if, now this may be completely ridiculous, but, if it’s possible to ‘show horn’ the Eduard Brassin Mossie engine (Left Engine) into either of the 32nd Tamiya Spitfire kits to ‘up the ante’ on the detail, or even either of the new tool Revell 32nd Spitfires?? Let the ‘don’t be so stupid’, ‘what is he thinking’, ‘how bloody ridiculous’ begin!!
  12. I’m actually beginning to wonder if, on June 6th 1944, if she would have had the full over/under wing and wraparound invasion bands for the D Day Landing missions?
  13. I did yes, there are some very nice pictures on that site, however, not being very clear I couldn’t see if there is/was a second gun ‘stub’ on the wing as well as the cannon.
  14. She had a ‘C’ type or ‘E’ type wing then? That’s the main info I’m looking for?
  15. A while back I posted about using the Tamiya Mk IX kit to represent MH434 as she is today, however, after mulling for a few weeks, I’ve finally decided to do her as she was in WW2. Specifically when she was with 222 Squadron on June 6th 1944. What I am having trouble with, is any pictures of her during this period of service. Ive spent the past 3 weeks rabidly ‘Google’ing’ to find pictures, but alas, nothing! (Unless I’m doing something wrong?!) So, I’d like to ask if any of you more knowledgeable guys and girls could possibly help with any said picture
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