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AIMS 1/32 Spitfire PR 1G conversion of Revell Mk II kit

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AIMS 1/32 Spitfire PR 1G conversion for Revell MK II kit - with Barracuda & Eduard details - finished!
Hi folks yes it is finished and what a journey - my first Spitfire in 20 plus years. I must acknowledge my debt to a Mr Thierry Laurant whose library and vast knowledge of the subject matter made the project possible - as did the SAM Datafile book on the Merlin Powered Spitfire's by Robert Humphreys . I will not bore you with a list of my woes and the parts of the model I wish i had spent more time on - I am just glad to have finished it. Upon getting the camera out I was delighted to remember one of my favorite albums from my teenage year 'A taste of Pink' by a British band called 'Prisoners.' If you like 60's bands like the Small Faces give them a try - anyway i thought the album was perfect for the Spitfire model haha.
Ask any questions you like but for now here is a list of the products involved
AIMS 1/32 Spitfire PV IV/IG conversion
AIMS MK II upper cowl
AIMS De Havilland spinner and props
AIMS Monotone Spitfires decal sheet
Barracuda Studios Cockpit interior
Barracuda Studios Main wheels
Barracuda Studios Deeper radiator
Barracuda Studios Early ailerons
Eduard MK II canopy mask set
Eduard Sutton Harness seat belts
Eduard Mk II Exterior Details
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Well I’ve never seen anything like that before. A massive accolade for being different. Now I’m not really into my Spitfires (strange for a Brit:ph34r:), I like them but wouldn’t have a clue about variants etc….. Yours is crying out for a Dio though with ground crew and battery trolley etc, that’s a competition winner all day long.:clap2:

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Fantastic work John!
I really like what you did with weathering on this one. Especially the filthy panel lines behind the engine and the more restraint ones on the rest of the airframe.

The raised rivets is the icing on the cake (at least for me)




PS: Finally got that F.24 camera printed for you. Will text you, as soon as I get to shipping it.

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Thanks Joachim, and everyone - it is so much appreciated. Building this was a labour of love as there was so much needing doing. Spraying it - whilst straight forward was agony and so I was glad to get back to the small details. I am just back from the seeing the Neurology Professor in Budapest and she can see from the MRI and Ultrasound that the Median nerve pathway is super irritated but has no professional explanation for why it is not calming down and so on top of my nerve tablets designed to stop some of the pain signals I now need to start another stronger nerve damage blocker. Going forward with a smile but a more sleepy smile! 

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