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  1. Great job, love your Mig, painting and weathering are really good
  2. great job! What a beautiful Stearman!
  3. Hello Here you have somme pictures of French B-26 in Algeria: http://www.frenchwings.net/algeria/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=8
  4. MPK, it's not a difficult built, fit is good (it's not a Tamiya kit, but it's good) but as usual, KH made a lot of mistakes and differencies between 2000C and 2000-5 or export 2000 are not clear in instruction sheet. You need a good references to make the version you choose. For exmple, instrument panel are ok for 2000C but not for 2000-5 or 2000-9 (instrument panel for these versions is not included!).Missile pylon at the tip of the wing are ok for Magic but not for Mica. You have to be carreful for the antenna configuration, it can be really different for a version of aircraft from another.
  5. Thanktou For the paint I used AK Real Color RC252 for the grey and RC235 for the blue
  6. Hi all, I've just changed my image host. Hope you can see the photos now.
  7. Hi Redbaron, Great paint job! Bravo!
  8. Hi all Here my last built: the KH Mirage 2000 I built it as a Mirage 2000-5, I used AK paint. HHope you'll like it
  9. Hi Radu Juste fond it in Germany website. Thanks for your help
  10. Thank you Radu for these informations. I'll try to find this book on Romanian Henschel.
  11. Thank you very much for your answers! They help me a lot
  12. Hello I've just bought RB decal for 1/32 Romanian Hs-129 (found on fantasyprintshopweb site : https://www.fantasyprintshop.co.uk/shop/rb-d-32-026-henschel-hs-129-b-2-decals/) I have 2 questions First, RB says that romanain Hs-129 were probably overall gree (RLM70 or RLM71). To me, it's surpirinsing because aircraft were delivered by German and german aircraft were 2 tone green (RLM70 / RLM71). I know how serious is RB so does someone has romanian Hs-12 photos to confirm? Second : RB instructions say nothing about armament. Does anyone knows if Romanian used Hs
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