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  1. Here somme photos for French F8F-1 and F8F-1B http://www.frenchwings.net/indochina/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=9 Spada decal are no longer available but Berna ones (for F8F-1) are available You have french markings in both trumpeter boxes (-1 and -1B) but be careful, Trumpeter's decal are not really goog in colors and in size.
  2. Hello French spitifre in Indochina is a difficult subject. French AF had SPit IX C and IX E with standard wingtip or short ones. They nearly always had bomb pyon under the wings and sometimes carried ventral auxilary tank. Markings varied a lot : size for french roundels were variable, some had a fin flah, others had the rudder in french colors and some had the both Check your refrence. Here somme photos : http://www.frenchwings.net/indochina/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=17 The Taimya IXc would match,markings for a french IXc are included ine the box.
  3. Hello Yes no problème, you can post it. @Cheetah11: thanks you for thèse informations. I was note really sure for thé red wintips. I only have a black and white photo of this plane. The tips ar cleary painted with only one color but it's difficult to say which one
  4. Thank you. I don't know why the wing tips are red, may be a marking for MTO like red band around spitfire wings in USAAF
  5. Hi all Here my last built : the Tamiya Spitfire VIII Nearly out of the box : I used Eduard wheels and Barracuda door. I used Montex maask for the markings. Hope you like it!
  6. Thank you I used Gunze paint. Inerior : H-56 intermediate blue dark blue grey: H-53 Neutral grey + H-56 intermediate blue, Kaki : H-48 gris allemand + H-303 vert FS34102, Brown : H-37 bois + H-84 acajou, I don't have link for the others kits but I have some photos that I can send you. PM me
  7. Hi all Here my last built : the 1/32 Special Hobby Bloch 152. Not an easy build but I love 1940 french air force fighters. Hope you lie it! A last phot with other French Air Force fighter:
  8. Thanks you all! I'm happytaht you like m'y F-104
  9. Hi all Here my last built: italeri's F-104S Not au difficult kit but need somme improvement : seat; wheel, exhaust Decals are really good. Hope you like it
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