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  1. Thank you all; I used Gunze paint: dark grey : H-317 light grey : H-325 blue grey : H-337 + H-45 For nose cone, I used H-308
  2. Hi all; Here my last built : a tamiya F-4E in greek colors. I used quickboot seat, master pitot, Wigman slatted wings, eduard wheels , brassin exhaust and Icarus decal. I made instrument panel in scratch using Airscale photoetched parts. ECM antennaes are scratch built. Instrument panels: ECM fairing Painting, weathering and decal Finished! Hope you lie it!!
  3. Wouahhhhhh great job! Really beautiful work! Bravo!
  4. Thank you all. Fanews : the resin doesn't need a lot of cleaning, it's pretty good. Fitting the cowling is not really difficult but you need to adjust it to the Revell fuselage. The under nose piece is a little to small, so I cut it in 2 and enlarge it with plasticard. Fitting the propeller blade to the spinner need dry and fitting. I didn't use the rudder (which is exactly the same as the revell one) but you need to enlarge the tab. The exhaust are very good. For the under wing cooler, I used revell ones and not the AA ones which need lot of surgery. For me it's a good conversion which need some work but the results is great. I think I'll try the Mk XIV conversion.......one day.
  5. Hi all, Here my last built, a French Navy Seafire XV. I used Revell Spitfire MkIX and AA resin conversion. It's not an easy built but it's the only way to have a Seafire XV. I used Barracuda cockpit, seat and acces door : wonderful resin!!! I used Tamyia and Gunze for Sky and Gunze and M Paint for extra dark sea grey. Marking are painted (tanks Maketar) except for anchors which came from old decals. I hope you will like it! See you soon for a new built!
  6. Great job, great détails, résolu beautiful result
  7. Thank you all, I'am happy that you like it!
  8. Thank you I used Vallejo Metal Color
  9. Hi alal, Here my last built : the Trumpeter Mig-21 F13 in Hungarian colours. I Used Pavla resin cockpit, Master pitot tub, HAD covers and decals. Hope you like it.
  10. Waowwwww fantastic work!!! really superb!
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