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  1. Thank you all, pleased you like my Mirage
  2. It's a very beautiful Starfighter, your painting ans weathering job are great!
  3. Hi all thank you very much I used vallejo metal color.
  4. Hi all, Here my last built : the Italeri Mirage IIIC in israeli 117 squadron markings. I used Isradecal marking but I painted the red markigs on air intake. Hope you like it
  5. Amazing job! Your T-33 is so beautiful! Congratulations
  6. Waouhhhh! Excellent job! Your F-100 is amazing, what a beautiful work!
  7. Really nice 190D13! Your paint job is really beautifull! Well done!
  8. Great job! What a lovely Phantom !
  9. Hi all, Here my last built : a pair of Hasegawa Bf-109, a JG52 BF-109 G10 in may 1945 and a Italian G14 in early 1945.. Just from the box apart Eduard seatbelts et Brassin Wheels My first try of german camo with mottling. Hope you like it Bye and take care
  10. Great job! Amazing paint work.
  11. Thank you I used Tamiya xf-83 and Gunze H334 for the medium sea gray. I used Gunze H73 for dark green
  12. Hi all, Here my Tamiya Mosquito FBVI in french color (fughter group 1/3 "Corsica") in Indochina in 1947. What a great kit! Hope you like it Stay home and happy modelling!
  13. Thank you all; I used Gunze paint: dark grey : H-317 light grey : H-325 blue grey : H-337 + H-45 For nose cone, I used H-308
  14. Hi all; Here my last built : a tamiya F-4E in greek colors. I used quickboot seat, master pitot, Wigman slatted wings, eduard wheels , brassin exhaust and Icarus decal. I made instrument panel in scratch using Airscale photoetched parts. ECM antennaes are scratch built. Instrument panels: ECM fairing Painting, weathering and decal Finished! Hope y
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