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  1. Hello, really beautiful NMF finish! Great work for a great result Congrat
  2. Really good job! Love these markings and you paint and your weathering are nice! Bravo!
  3. Great job! Your Marines Phantom is superb. Love your weathering job!
  4. Love tu weathering, what a beautiful Rata!
  5. Hello Yes you're right, I didn't realise that it was a colorised picture. Thak you all, I'm happy that you like my P-40
  6. Thank you all For the Lulu Belle name, it's white see the photo below. http://www.asisbiz.com/il2/P-40/80FG89FS/pages/Curtiss-P-40N-USAAF-42-104590-10AF-80FG89FS-White-44-Philip-Adair-Lulu-Belle-India-01.html
  7. Hi All Here my last built, the Hasegawa / eduard P-40N in LuluBelle markings: not unusal markings but really beautifuls ones I built it from the box, hope you likte it
  8. Thank you all, pleased you like my Mirage
  9. It's a very beautiful Starfighter, your painting ans weathering job are great!
  10. Hi all thank you very much I used vallejo metal color.
  11. Hi all, Here my last built : the Italeri Mirage IIIC in israeli 117 squadron markings. I used Isradecal marking but I painted the red markigs on air intake. Hope you like it
  12. Amazing job! Your T-33 is so beautiful! Congratulations
  13. Waouhhhh! Excellent job! Your F-100 is amazing, what a beautiful work!
  14. Really nice 190D13! Your paint job is really beautifull! Well done!
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