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  1. spook

    ICM I-16

    Thank you all!
  2. Hi all; Here my last built the 1/32 ICM I-6 type 24. l built it from the box except for seatbelts and instrument panels from Eduard. Hope you like it!
  3. love it! Really beautifull job!
  4. Really beautiful job! Your Yak-3 is obsolutely stunning ! Love it.
  5. Really beautiful! Love your weathering!!!
  6. Hi, Great Job!! Really beautiful Mil-24!
  7. Thank you all, I just used small strips of Tamyia masks but I needed 3 times to succeed and the result is not really perfect.
  8. Hi all, Here my last built : the Yak-3 I used Mr Color paint and Maketar masks. I've just seen that the portion of the white lightning between the individual number and the red star on the left side was not right Hoe you will like it!
  9. Really wonderful! Love it! :thumbsup: You did a real great job! :clap2:
  10. Really nice build! Rarely seen aircraft looks really beautiful, bravo!
  11. Hi all, Here my last built, the KH T-28B converted to T-28S Fennec used in Alegria by french air force. To make a T-28S you have to: - add armor plates on the fuselage - add a air scoop in front of the windscreen (I used a BF-109 nose radiator) - enlarge 0,5 inch weapon gondola - remove ventral airbrake I used Berna decal to present an EALA 3/9 in Algeria in 1960-1961. Hope you lie it.
  12. Really beautiful Spitfire! Great job! And with Free French marking, love it! :thumbsup:
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