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Brief airshow report

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Yesterday was the airshow here in town (today too), featuring the Blue Angels now flying the F/A-18E. I had an excellent vantage point next to Tac Air, thanks to a good pal, and could see the entire runway, east to west, which was awesome. Several firsts for me, as far as actual flying aircraft are concerned; Mosquito, two Hurricanes, Spitfire, F4U-4, A-4C and the F-35, all in addition to the BA Super Hornets.


Aside from the loud Super Hornets, the A-4C and F-35 (flown by a female pilot) were most impressive.




This is her, taxiing back to the Tac Air ramp, immediately to my left. Not the best shot, but still thought I'd post it anyway. I'm pretty well cooked from roasting in the summer sun, but it was worth every moment.



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Frying under the sun in the heat of the day at ANY airshow is a badge of honor.  Done it many times.  Good on you!  My chauvinistic father, other male relatives and Tony McPeak be damned, I’ve flown with a number of female pilots who can cut as much mustard as any guy on any given day.  My opinion of female fighter pilots changed on 9/11 while watching a pair of ANG F-16s circle the Pentagon twice then blast off in full burner looking for another hijacked airliner.  I didn’t know it at the time, but one was flown by a new lieutenant who had nothing to fight with but her own gumption.  And I mean nothing.  She and her lead discussed en route what they were going to do if they found the jet that eventually found Shanksville.  When lead decided it would be smartest to try to ram the thing and knock major parts off, she never even blinked.  That’s my kind of fighter pilot.  If there’s a gal who can turn and burn in an F-35, that works too.  A good stick is a good stick is a good stick and more power to ‘em because every gal who made it to a seat is better than I ever was.  Cheers, ladies.  Go kill ‘em all.

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We had a female 1st Lt. in my unit that was short as short can be, (her head was just enough over the IP with the seat adjusted all the way up), but flew the UH-60 better than any of the male pilots we had.

And she was a hot blond to boot!!!



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2 hours ago, Citadelgrad said:

I grew up on USAF bases.  I saw so many air shows i took it for granted. 

now i miss them….

You never know how good you have something until you don't ...

I grew up in So Cal. back in the 70s-80s, there'd be 6 to 7  military base shows in the general area a year ... Now where I live, we get the one that's the topic discussed in this thread and that's a biannual show ...

Wasn't able to go this year so thanks for the pics, Kevin ..! :thumbsup:




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1 hour ago, Confusionreigns178 said:

I read years ago that the female body can withstand significantly more G's than the male version. Why might this be true? Not a clue, to be honest!


If it is true, makes ya wonder...



Its because the heart and brain  are generally closer to each other in the female body.

So under heavy Gs, they're less susceptible G-LOC ...



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Now I find myself desiring a 1:32 F-35 and an A-4. The A-4 is more or less doable, but the Italeri F-35 is crazy priced, and I can't see myself grabbing one. I may have to back down a scale (or two) for that.

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The following photos are used (with permission), from my friend, Bevin Shively. He has a substantially better camera than I do. In fact, I didn't even try to grab any air shots, as they would have just been a joke.


First off, some random "stuff".















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