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Many Messerschmitts!


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Hi Guys,


After the Do 335 from HKM I thought I'd turn my hand to a couple of Messerschmitt models, so I've started a Hasagawa G-6 and a Trumpeter K-4.  Strictly no frills! Yes, we've all heard that before, haven't we?  However, I'm now 71 and starting to realise I'm getting old and don't want to spend my time putting together things like HGW seat belts and things like that.  I mean, this isn't for a magazine, They are both going to be buttoned up so there really isn't any point.  First up, the Hasegawa tail, a separate part to make easier changes for other kits on their side.




A quick look-see at the build, held together with masking tape.




Now onto Trumpeter's K-4.  First thing, I lost the throttle quadrant, it pinged off the tweezers like a SpaceX Falcon 9!  So back to good old bits of plasticard, strip and rod to make a new one.  Took about 10 minutes to think about it and about five to actually make.




Cockpit test fit, Trumpeter K-4.




Port cockpit sidewall painted.




Starboard side awaiting oxygen regulator.




Here's the Trumpeter cockpit floor.





here's Hasagawa's floor with the lap belts fitted,  These are Eduard colour etched steel.







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Hi Guys,


Here's part two of the 109 builds.


Here's the starboard cockpit wall of the Hasegawa kit.




Yahu IP for the K-4.




And in place.




The Hasegawa G-6 has a Yahu panel as well.




Hasegawa's G-6 as it stands right now.




Trumpeter's kit a couple of days ago.  it's quite a bit further on now. 




That's all for now.




Bruce Crosby

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8 hours ago, bdthoresen said:

Nice work, Bruce. I like the subtle weathering on the Trumpeter port sidewall. Tell me, what color did you use on the small diameter wiring on the starboard side of the cockpit?


Keep the updates coming!


Thor    :ph34r:

 To be honest, I’m not sure.  It’s Mission Models colours mixed on a wet palette. Probably yellow and brown? Then a black wash.

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13 hours ago, Bruce_Crosby said:

    ... starting to realise I'm getting old and don't want to spend my time putting together things like HGW seat belts and things like that. 


I hear that  Bruce  :rolleyes:   Looks like you're having fun  :clap2:

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Hi Guys,


Perhaps you were surprised by the fact there's only two 109 models when the title says "Many Messerschmitts"?  Well, here's the rest of it!


Some Revell 109G seat pans with the belts scraped off.




And the seat backs.  At the moment I've lost one seat back and a cockpit base but as I've also ruined one fuselage it won't be missed.  I've made a start on the seat mods, belts scraped off and the rear wall shape modified.




There's a bunch of Brassin legs.




And a hoard of Barracuda prop and spinner sets.




Yes, that's my finger and yes, the blood went everywhere!




Bruce Crosby



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all these identical parts and blood's evidence drive my thoughts toward the presence of a serial builder...



whenever I've tried a multiple building I found myself bored of it... I follow your one really curious, do you have already choose wich subjects you want to do?


cheers, Paolo


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I have to say that I smiled a little bit when I saw the bandage on your finger. Why, it just reminded me of what my fingers look like most of the time while building a subject. I always manage to “nick” myself with a # 11 blade a few times. Great start on your 109’s. 


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Hi Guys,


Just a bit more on the first two 109 builds.


The undercarriage legs on both models need flexible brake hoses




I used lead wire (but it's lead free!) for the hoses. Photos in manuals show them as looped, so that's what we've got, not a simple curve.




Trumpeter K-4 with the gunsight in place...




....and with the canopy held over for a look-see.




Hasagawa G-6 with gunsight in place




Hasegawa screen in place.




Hope this little lot is up to par!




Bruce Crosby







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Hi Guys,


For the people following this, a huge apology as I posted the WRONG picture of the Trumpeter port cockpit wall with the so-say scratch built throttle quadrant all painted up.  That was the HASEGAWA one!


So here goes again: This is the TRUMPETER port side with scratch built quadrant.




And this is HASEGAWA.




I still think my new part isn't so bad though.




Bruce Crosby



Edited by Bruce_Crosby
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Hi Guys,


Finally got most of the K-4 together and started painting.  colours all through are Mission Models.


First off, I used a mix of Grey and Black primers to approximate RLM 66 and threw it on the window frames to look like the interior is painted.




Then on with normal Grey primer.




Then I airbrushed the undersides and fuselage flanks with MMP's version of RAF Sky to get RLM76 but an indeterminate late war grungy blue-grey-green tone to the model.




Now MMP's take on RLM75 Grau Violet.




Here's Trumpeter's starboard side colour scheme.




And my take on it.




Trumpeter Port side.




My version so far.




And from the top.........




That's it so far.




Bruce Crosby

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