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  1. Hi Peter, When it comes to F-4, VF-111's B are my go to. Taking notes for later Thanks for sharing your impressive conversion and knowledge. Cheers. Mathieu
  2. Yahu's panels are awesome. They just lack imo of a bit of 3D dimension, but that will be well hidden in the deepness of the cockpit Glad you are moving forwad on this one. Cheers. Mathieu
  3. Incredible work ! And above that, you are bringing that camo complexity to an understandable level. Can't wait for the next update. Mathieu
  4. Hi Mike, at the moment I use the stock auto blade. I was using the Cameo3 until a few days ago, when the machine simply stopped turning on. So I instant ordered the Cameo4 bur am still discovering the new possibilities it offer. I think like you there is a possibility to create some modeling adapted tools. Cheers. Mathieu
  5. So, more work for the RLM. In order to glue the lower wing, it was time to get busy on the wheelbay. The ammo chute was lengthened and the hole in the bay where it protrude was made an actual hole. Ejection pins were patiently filled and sanded, needless to say the boredom it brings.. And the plumbing was lenghtened to actually goes somewhere (in the hole of course) Having skipped to take pics during the assembly phase, lets jump straight to the result. Should I have to redo this, i would invest in PE sheet to busy up the rear spar. With this last
  6. @mywifehatesmodels, John, they must have been old production, I checked on other sets I have and they looks better than that. Anyway I redid the belts once more, something I do is never 100% ok at the first try. Hi @IainM, thank you for your encouraging comment. Indeed, I am kinda freak of this machine. more on the next work post. Cheers.
  7. Small update on the BMW factory. Engine ground running in progress. Soon ready for aerial test. Cheers. Mathieu
  8. Hi Guys @wingman777 @MikeMaben @MARU5137 Thank you for your interest and encouraging comments. Time for an update. First I got busy with the ailerons. The internal structure and ribbing is different on A4 an earlier. So once i found the right reference, back at the computer with the drawing software. The ailerons are sanded smooth (I tought so) and the new structure is applied in negative with masks. The whole mask is set with the help of a transfer panel, to keep the lining and spacing consistent. Then the undesired parts are lifted, and the surroundings are masked.
  9. Awesome work ! Supposing you intend to ship to Europe, count me in for a complete Merlin. 1/32 prefered. I would have interest in a pimpup set for the existing Tamiya Merlin as well. Cheers Mathieu
  10. Glad you are posting a WIP for this one, as your RFI pictures are so nice, they appeal for more on the subject ! That's a very nice cockpit, and your RLM66 color variations are definitely parting with the black hole idea of a dark cockpit. Will follow your progress closely. Cheers. Mathieu
  11. So again time for a short update. The front part: Engine, cowling and... motor. For my recent builds, i like to adapt micro DC motors to the airframe. First reason for this, is the coolness factor. My favorite display option for a 1/32 model is wheel down, open canopy, and pilot in the seat starting up the engine. Second reason are the technical challenges in order to hide a DC motor, battery and switch into the model. The path is as important as the destination itself they says.. So let the pic talks. The new vent was given a coat of alu, just to check the allignment an
  12. Hi guys, Thank you @Citadelgrad @Reuben L. Hernandez @Jaro for your very kind words, mojo booster ! @Antonio Argudo thank you for your encouragements and advices my friend! @MikeMaben thanks for your kind words, I am using the stock autoblade to cut everything. i just increase force, penetration and the number of passes with thicker material. I am aware of custom blades for that kind of work, but never gave them a try. @scvrobeson Thanks for the encouragements ! Indeed I used the cutter mainly forcutting masks for markings, but this project is definetly one step further. A
  13. Hello gentlemen, time for an update. Thank you all for the warm welcome. @Brian, Yes the cutter took advanced scratch modeling, that were reserved to the elite modelers among us, to the reach of poeple like me. once you have learned the basics, you can cut almost everything thin, plastic, polypropylene, vynil,... Cant wait to practice the next big evolution: 3D printing. Back to the model. With the basic fuselage now done, the next focus point is the cockpit. After sutdying references, my understanding is that with the A5 boxing, hasegawa gives us a melting pot of inacc
  14. My first post here, I havnt found an introduce yourself forum. so I'll do this preambule here. Mathieu, 38 from Belgium. I have been modeling since childhood. and been mainly busy on large scale since i have been able to self finance my hobby. I have been consulting silently the forum for years, as it is a wonderful source of inspiration and references. So why not share for a change ? For this first wip, I would like to share this Hasegawa A5 that will be back dated to A4 Standard. There is a lot of inspiring Focke Wulf at the moment in the WIP section, so i'll join the band.
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