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  1. Damn I never flew a jet, but have found myself in the cockpit while reading your last post. Truly awesome progress on the build by the way! Mathieu
  2. Hi guys, Here is the final prototype for my intake tubes, they are roughly printed to speed up the print time and check the fit, production parts should be smoother. I added a support that conform to the fuselage part and keep it well aligned. The screw assembly of the original part is kept and reused. The turbine faces and pitot tubes are reused as well. The only puttying needed should be where the lip join the intake outer part. There is bad moulding marks at that point so smoothing was needed anyway. This area being easily accessible, it’s an easy job. Would you want to give it a try ? It's avaible to downlad for free: https://cults3d.com/.../1-32-f-4-phantom-seamless-intake... Enjoy. Mathieu
  3. Hi Anthony, Yeah from my experience, blending resin into plastic is more labor intensive, and more prone to lead to problem in the aftermath. Hence the path i've chosen for this. Hi Starfighter, Thanks for the heads up, indeed it's the platform I had selected. Hope you have an unassembled phantom kit at your disposal, See next post. Cheers.
  4. Hi guys, here is a small update on the seamless Intakes dev. I got theses tubes in the final stage of fitting. Fitting pics are not full length intakes as the printing time for a complete part is about 8hours. So I just printed the first part of the tube until the profile is correct, that's still 2 hours of wait until test fit. Full length early attempts are pictured here. They do not fit at all with the kit part, but you get the idea. Family pic with the kit part. Unlike other seamless intake correction, the outer Tamiya part is to be kept, and the suckers has to be (force) glued to it. Some filler will be needed to complete the assembly. But its located at a very reachable and easy to work place. I think it's more viable than designing a full outer, wich will have to be fitted to the fuselage. I am of course considering sharing the file once fully finished, but still need to figure out how to do this easily. Maybe there is possibility on the Scale Model Paint Masks forum to expand to 3D model sharing as well ? Cheers. Mathieu
  5. Hi MAtt, Thank you. I am happy with them as well :-) Hi Spartacus. Here are my current. I over lenghtened the exposure time because i'm currently working with old stashed resin (more than a year) wich kept failing with lower exposure. Not sure if the setting will be valid anymore when I switch to new stock. Thanks Marcel. I hope the larger one will please you as well. Anyz and AIrscale decals at the menu to bring all this grey space to life. Cheers.
  6. Hi John, I went over with the same paint used for painting the tamiya stock parts, Mr Hobby H... Somethin looking like cockpit grey(i thought i had noted it but cant find) Fun thing with the quinta parts, is that they are quite spongious when you lay paint on them. So its super easy to obtain an even finish without worrying too much. Cheers Mathieu
  7. The maker of this set is the French master Fancherello. The set is already downloadable for free on his cults Page. Cheers
  8. Hi John, I have extracted these 2 from a youtube film: Ready on arrival They do not show the whole seat, but give some directions for the most visible part of them. Black structure, green cushions, brown headrest and grey harnesses. Of course they are navy variants, but I think only the harnesses were different. There is also nice 4sides pictures in the Daco book dedicated to the Navy Phantom. Cheers Mathieu
  9. By the way, this project was not shelved. I have forced myself to slow down real modeling to plug in the printer, and start learning the (complicated/frustrating/..) printing process. And in the mean time, I have started a 1/48 Tamiya F-4B to acclimate myself with the Phantom subbtilities. This is an In flight pose of the same subject (i do only in flight with lower scales) Disclaimer: NOT Large Scale (im not intending to share this build here, but if this short interlude is not allowed, I will remove it) Quinta cockpit inside, just to give this new tech a try. I tried to blend the grey tones by brushing the cockpit color over quinta's parts. Wheels up, found it easier to make a one part wheel doors with cameo than to attempt leveling the 3 separate. Engine vent was modded closed as well. And the centerline slot was modded to allow not putting something on the centerline. There is a weird protruding centering tab on the kit that does not allow a clean belly display. Candle leds and micro leds were wired into the exhaust. Light it up Baby! One of the reason I started a lower scale build: Experimenting on the hot end painting. this was done per the tamiya instructions for the base paint. Then micro line masks were added on each panel. Soot was sprayed over, blended with more soot, and rubbed with white spirit. Happy how it turned out, I will reuse the technique on the 1/32 build. The tail was sprayed the same way I did for the 1/32. The smaller mask is a bit more difficult to work with, but came out ok in the end. The clean tail top is from hypersonic models, a drop fit ! The current state, wainting n the base. So Back to 1/32: The update is smaller, as most of the time was allowed to get some actual prints. Calibrations, tests, fails (lot of). In the end I began getting some actual prints. Here is a print of the left aft side being worked to fit the modded Aires cockpit part. The print is a fail, but the dimensions remain, so its a nice start having it fitting into. The position is not right yet as it's too far forward and too high. More grinding needed on the floor. In the mean time, I have printed Jumpei Temma's amazing exhausts cans. He made them sized to 1/48. But the model did not suffer too much of the 150% enlargement. They are wider than the kit and Aires parts. So the size problem might be solved. Still have to make accurate measurement to be sure, but parts are in the curing station. In the back ground, an example of the numerous fails encountered. The rear IP isn't good either. I have done an attempt at designing seamless intakes. More on that on a future post. Cheers. Mathieu
  10. Hi @Youngtiger1 and @mattcour Sorry for the long overdue reply. Thank you for your comments and kind words. I think as well there is a bright future for modeling with the new technologies. I am slowly getting results on prints, and my brains are already bowling with possible future never made projects. Cheers. Mathieu
  11. Hi Gene, The preview look tremendous, I m looking forward to be able to download it and give it a try. Using thin styrene with tamiya super thin will makes wonder I am sure. Thank you for taking the time making this happen. Best regards. Mathieu
  12. Wow ! I don’t see anything you can be unsatisfied with! Not a single little flaw! Guess we are our worst critiques. Splendid work. Congratulations Mathieu
  13. Hi Gene, I can send you a scan of my phantom belly. Will arrange in PM. Cheers Mathieu
  14. This paint job is looking very good Michael, will attend the next steps impatiently. Cheers Mathieu
  15. Thank you Ray, of course. Mathieu Duvivier for the credit. cheers Thank you sir! cheers Thanks Ron, base was a fun distraction at the end of the build. It’s made out of a dish plate bought at cheap furnitures store. I used the contour feature of the silhouette to get the even wood border. Cheers Mathieu
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