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  1. I'd quite like the following Helos in 1/35th: Westland Scout Gazelle Merlin Just saying
  2. I've ordered one. A lot of separate etch more than doubles the price of the model. Just saying
  3. Should be about then. I'll post the finished article on here
  4. Base coat of light ghost grey then MRP exhaust stain over the top then finished with Citadel Nuln oil. I left enough grey showing to give the emulsification effect.
  5. Thank you. Chinook is about 3 months work I reckon to nail the outside. I plan to start next weekend as I could do with a short break before starting in ernest. Here's the two of them together. It was a hard fought campaign and a deserving result @Panzerwomble
  6. This is the second Skyraider from Trumpeter I've knocked out - the first being a Navy 'Nam Spad from circa 1964. HVAR Rockets are Eduard Brasin. The prop is the new prop from Barracuda which I have to say is excellent - apart from getting stung by Customs on import duty.... Decals are from Cap as the Trumpeter ones are very poor quality. Everything else is out of the box. Paints are the new MRP line which are stunning. Pilot is PJ Productions and the quality was pretty good. Not a great deal of colour piccies around of the Korean War spads but enough black and whit
  7. Thanks Tom. I'm waiting for the new Barracuda resins prop to turn up from sunny Aus - I've just ordered two as I was never happy with the kit supplied prop as its all wrong. The second will go on a Korean War era Spad I'm slowly working on at the moment. Cheers Si
  8. Interesting - the quoted in the original LIFE magazine says it's Christmas decoration.
  9. I nearly got as far as you but my mrs knocked mine off the kitchen table just before the first coat of paint when on it. I watched it fall from the table like a plane pushed off a carrier deck as it plunged towards a solid oak floor and smashed into pieces. Not a good day. Nice build!
  10. It's the mrs' baby grand. As you can imagine, she's ecstatic about having the Spad on it........
  11. yes they were folded when fully bombed up. There is a lot of reference material out there with different mixes of payloads with wings folded up.
  12. I've enjoyed watching the builds on Large Scale Planes for some time now, and only posted a couple of times I think in the last few years. Most of my modelling posts are on ARRSE for those of you that know it. A few of us got a general modelling forum up and running on the site which has proved to be helpful for lads (and lasses) with issues following their time in service. I wont bore you with the details but the medical term in 'mindfulness' - modelling is a great escape from people's daemons. Anyway - this is my second 1/32nd build and I chose the Spad, which is my all time No1 in my t
  13. Just a small bit of feedback on detail. You've got a WolF TUM Land Rover with the Buccaneer - they weren't introduced into service until 1996 and the plane was retired in 1994. You may want to swop it for Italeri Series III Land Rover to be 100% on the display. HTH
  14. Very nice mate. I will finish mine at some point........................
  15. Hello Ian - I thought I'd join you on this site. Looking good mate. You need to get those latest shots up though as its looking mean with the latest coat of primer on it. WAFU and I are on with parallel Chinook builds, only I'm a bit slower than him, like I've been on with mien for 3 years (on and off) in April..... I've not come across many completed Chinook builds, so it will be good to see this one done. We did work together on some Sand Filters - I got the drawings from the manufacturer (Pall Systems in the States) and Ian got a set knocked up at Shapeways, but they are not
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