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Buecker 131 Jungmann - eastern front recon


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Although my record at completing a project during a group build is rather empty - here's to another attempt!

I chose Revell's boxing of the ICM Bü 131. Well, it's not a blue box but I hope that it's a happy one nonetheless. :D

There were several other Revell boxes in the stash but most of them are planned as minor conversions (PR Spitfires), with loads of aftermarket (109G-6)

or a huge conversion with loads of aftermarket (Ju 88 to Ju 188F). Nothing that I feel confident to complete until the end of february.

Since I had a lot of fun with ICM's small I-16 the expectations are up.


The inventory:



The quickboost seats are in for one reason only: the seatbelts. The kit includes none, I hate PE belts and fiddling with two sets of textile belts at once has no place in my happy box.


The subject

I have a thing for recon aircraft. Luckily the Jungmann wasn't only used as a training plane but also for liaison duties.

Scrolling through one of my favourite books regarding german photo recon ("Embleme der Luftwaffe" bd.1) I stumbled on a crashed Buecker.


(source: Collection Richter for research and discussion purposes only)


It was used by Stab/NAGr.3 (tactical recon unit) during summer 1942 in the Ukraine.

Drawing the unit emblem and cutting masks for it shouldn't be a problem - same goes for the indiviudal markings.

There will be some artistic licence involved since the first to letters aren't readable. The reference in the book states ?B+J0 as a possibility (usually the Stab would be J2+?B).


The profile from the Revell instructions is included for another reason - I have no idea if the crashed Buecker is painted RLM70/71 splinter camo over RLM65 or plain RLM71 over 65.

Both schemes were used on the Jungmann and the photo isn't helpful. I'm leaning towards the latter but that's not an urgent decision.

Cutting plastic starts today - pictures will follow tomorrow.





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The engine


I plan to do some minor scratch building in the cockpit while the engine will be oob.

So that was perfect for a quick start. Although working overtime reduced time at the bench to a bare minimum.

The little Bücker is/was powered by the Hirth HM 504 A-2 (a cute 4 cylinder engine).  There are loads of pictures as areference to go to town with an open cowling:

Here's one:



But with the cowling closed there just a small portion at the front visible:



ICM did a wonderful job at representing the real thing in plastic




The ugly part luckily faces the rear end an will never be visible again



Big jump forward - everything is painted and ready for installation. I didn't bother to paint the details since none of them will ever be visible.





Right now I only have the Xtracrylix RLM02 at hand and oh my that was no joy to airbrush onto the engine mounts.

I really need to get a new paint for the cockpit! - I guess MRP will be fine?

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The cockpit

This will take some time - read: multiple posts.

The Jungmann's cockpit is quite sparse and so is ICM's rendition.

Since there's always room for improvement I'll tackle some small shortcomings.


For everyone who hasn't a Buecker at hand to take a look, there's a very useful walkaround with pictures from Max (mozart) here at LSP:


I will start my work with the starboard "sidewall" (no idea for the right word since it's only metal tubing).

For the front office there is just a picture of the port side but the lever should be the same:



The rear cockpit has a different style of lever. Note the linkage connecting both and the wires runngin aft (rudder trim?)



Out with the stretched sprue and the hobby knife (as well as a punched "pulley")



The front lever was cut from the frame work and positioned on top to make the linkage clear the frame and a thin slot was scribed with a razor saw into the top of the rear lever housing.



The wire will be added to the pulley after painting - I plan to use thin rigging thread.

Next up will be the port which will also get some cables and a little bit more attention to the throttle.


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More cockpit stuff

Well, the port side got its throttle and linkage - this time going further up front as can be seen in the first picture in my last post.

I couldn't add the cables since my bottle of CA turned into goo that wouldn't dry but stay in a honey like consitency,

Never had that kind of problem but a restock is ordered along with some MRP paints.



Time to take a seat.

Here's a comparison shot between the stock ones and what you get from Quickboost. You have to figure the mounting of the resin seats on your own but that should be possible (more on that later).



Unfortunately they are slightly warped which is most appearent at the front. This should be fixable with hot water, I guess?



Now to the worst/most stupid part. The rear seat is mounted to a cross bar and the seatbelts go over and behind said bar. There are to locating holes on the ICM part.

Well, not with the Quickboost part.



I need to figure out how to fix this.
Maybe cutting a slot into the moulded on belts will do the trick?


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On 10/15/2021 at 10:11 AM, MARU5137 said:


Brilliant  start to your build.

Looking forward to it very much to see what you do.


Thanks for (virtually) stopping by Maru - always a pleasure to have you on board!

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2 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Missed this one! Very nice start, as I really like these Buecker ICM/Revie releases. 

Welcome aboard Brian! Fasten your seatbelts - this build will (maybe) take off soon :D


Seatbelts is a great starter for today.

I've been working on the seats. First order of business:

dipping them into hot water to corret the distorted seatpan



Almost there but they fought back hard and tend to come back to their original shape over time.

The slot to the back of the aft seat was added with a PE saw. But what you can see in the picture wasn't enough. Everything below the upper edge had to be removed in order to fit the crossbar.



Now the first dry fit of the cockpit assembly with the kit's seat installed just to show you what is supposed to look like.



An now with the Quickboost/Aires garbage:



What the heck?

It's not even close. Do the quys from Aires don't even bother if their stuff remotely fit into its appropriate place?

There's no obvious way to make this fit and I guess the front seat will be the same..

I'll get my thinking hat - before you even ask: NO, it's not made of tinfoil :whistle:

Any ideas and suggestions are highly welcome!




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6 hours ago, Kais said:

if the kit seats are ok, isn't the easiest way out to add some quality seat belts and just to retire the A.M. garbage?
Upgrades that aren't are frustrating.

I completely agree with you!

Since I don't want to fiddle with textile belts this time (although I have 6 or 7 seven sets from Radu in my stash), there might be an elegant, quick and inexpensive solution:



What do you guys think?

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