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USAF F-4 Question - Folded Wings

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I’ll be building a Vietnam War Phantom (probably a C, small chance it might be a D) in the future.  Question - how common was it to have the wings folded while they were on the ground?    I recall seeing some pics recently but can’t find them.    

Was this a somewhat common practice?  I think it would add some visual interest and it would definitely help with minimizing the amount of shelf space needed. 


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1 hour ago, Mark P said:

And it looks like a bit of repair on the left folded wing upper surface. 


Mark Proulx

Check out the instructions from Fundekals Op Bolo set.   The amount of weird paintwork on early F-4’s in Vietnam is amazing.   

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That’s the first photo I’ve seen of an upper wing insignia centered on the location of the original larger one, but we’ve got several shots showing them on the lower wing like that.  We had really no photos of any of them clearly showing the upper surfaces.

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9 hours ago, Finn said:

Here is another one:









Interesting camo pattern on the left wing!  I had no idea the paintwork on those jets was so diverse.  

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