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Ciao to everybody,

I would like to introduce our new after market company dealing with 3D printed parts based in Italy. We will have our web site available in a couple of weeks but we would like to show you some anticipations of our work.

Our main projetc deals with 1/32 Westland Wessex kit by Flory. We have implemented several sets covering Rolls Royce Gnome engines and engine bay as well. electronic bay, cockpit,  MGRB Main Gear Reduction Box and all details on the deck, main and tail rotors, and still working on others. Notice that sets are usable for both HC and HU versions and specific details have been added for each one.

In the same time, we implemented H-34 conversion, focusing on HSS-1 version, used by Marina Militare, Italian Navy in the '60s and even in this case we implemented the characteristic nose with large intake grills, full detailed engine bay and Wright 1820 engine, complete cockpit, cabin details, and rotors. Notice that many sets may seem identical between Wessex and Choctaw but it is not always true, so specific parts and specific details have been added for each version. And now let pictures speak.

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Ciao to everybody,

thank you for kind words, web site is almost ready, we are really working hard for this.

For Wessex fans here are two anticipations of electric bay, starboard side




and port side


The set consists of sereval parts, so finishing and painting is easier. Our next goal after accuracy is easiness of assembly and painting and every effort has been done in this direction.

Thank you for watching and stay tuned

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