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  1. Reviving this topic....anyone have one with which they'd like to part??? If so, please give m a holler. Cheers from NYC, Michael
  2. My dad was in the Navy in the 30s and he said the mantra was, "If it moves, salute it! If it doesn't move, paint it!!". Or, I guess in this case, POLISH it!. Gorgeous airplane!
  3. Oui, Oui!! More of those French Between-the-Wars planes, sil vous plait!!!!! Some of the most beautiful, and sexiest planes ever created!! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  4. Just catching up here, Andy. I'm trying to get three articles done (AEG, Alb. B.II and a Zero) plus be the one man of a one-man-business.....and am strrrrretched, to say the least....but kinda loving all the work. Man, this is looking marvelous. Bravo! Very exciting to see what has been accomplished and looking forward to the rest! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  5. A sincerely gorgeous build of a sincerely gorgeous airplane! Congrats! You inspired me to order one! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  6. Sorry to be arriving late to the party! Congratulations on another great build, Karim! You are an inspiration my friend!! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  7. When I first saw the pix of the kit I also thought it was just plane ugly. But, once my kit arrived and I had a look at the parts in three dimensions, it began to grow on me. At the risk of sounding blasphemous, I think it's kinda.....cute. And it's sure different. Great build, Dr. Dave! Congrats! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  8. Indeed, a great start! Nice to see some real wood involved. Will you vac-form over the wooden form? Cheers from NYC, Michael
  9. OK...jumping back in here! So sorry to have been mute up til now, Gaz. Man, you are kicking butt! Personally, I love what you are doing with these wings! Too many people make far too big a deal out of trying to highlight the ribs. It has turned into a fad just like over doing panel lines on metal airplanes has. I think the level of subtlety you have achieved is totally realistic. Bravo. If I may, allow me to add one note of advanced warning re: the WnW Albatros kits: the struts are beautifully in scale, but, as a result, really, really weak. They will sag if you over-tighten the rigging at all. Ask me how I know. Cheers from NYC, MIchael
  10. "I was wondering where you got off to,.. Gaz" Well, boys, it sure is nice to be missed! Thank you....you make me feel one of the group. Lots going on here Chez Scarborough. Hopefully it will slow down a bit and I will be more present. Cheers from NYC, Michael
  11. David, this is as high a compliment as I can imagine receiving. Thank you, sir! Actually, I am lucky enough to live a just a few miles from the Met and spend at least two days a month there. When I left 25 years in performing arts and moved into the present madness of decorative and fine art, it was in large part due to the influence those visits had had on me. Here's what I do now: http://michaelscarboroughdesign.com/ Cheers from NYC, Michael
  12. Thanks, Sean....indeed, the subtitle of the scene will be, "G'day. Mamzelle".......I'll let you guess at the meaning! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  13. Hello, all. It has been a long haul but the AEG is now finished. I feel as if I pushed myself with the level of research, conversion and scratch building I did on this build. In the process, I did a lot of cussing, but learned a lot. Thanks for the encouragement along the way. One note: just as I was finishing up, I heard from Richard Alexander at WnW that the wing roots were actually metal, not wooden, as I have shown them. I thought long and hard about repainting them but the scratch built hardware and cables are really delicate and I didn't want to chance breaking any of them in the removal process. So, let's just agree that this particular AEG was an experimental version with wooden wing roots. I can live with that. PS I took it to the MFCA show in Philadelphia last weekend and was pleased to garner a gold medal. (I missed winning Best In Show in the Ordnance Division by one point! Rats! I won it in 2016 with my HB W12 and will do it next year!!) As some of you know, this AEG will become part of a diorama now re-titled The ANZACS and the AEG. I've also finished the Thornycroft Lorry for the scene and am now in further planning stages. (The Lorry took a bronze medal at the show and, considering that it was my first build of something wingless, I was pretty tickled!) Thanks for having a look! Cheers from NYC, Michael
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