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  1. Max, I must say that your exquisite project has deeply impressed some of us here in the colonies with the qualities of this very impressive aircraft. Is one yet airworthy?
  2. Max,, Are you alive and well?? worried.
  3. Did you guys know that the cooling fan turned at a higher rate than the prop?
  4. There is always the possibility of the crack being the result of conflict and requiring a field repair. After all, if you are going to get a new canopy you have no reason not to experiment with what a shell or ack-ack fragment might have done to the one you have.Plexiglas (Lucite, Perspex?) repair on a big plane, assuming a repair did not challenge airworthiness would be to drill small hole at end of crack so it wouldn't get longer. We had a repair like this on one of the planes I flew 30 years ago. I can't remember which one or where the crack was, but inspector said it was ok until next annual inspection when we would have to replace that panel.
  5. With bated breath hoping for more postings from the guys doing the piston engine planes.
  6. I suppose this is a bit off topic, but it would be nice to see more pics of the paint booth, which looks quite clever. Not to mention your marvelous work on the 110.
  7. You seem pretty positive. How can you be so sure? This never seemed a problem to me, although I would concede that the things I flew didn't have panels quite as exposed as this one, but the 109s have similar exposure and no shields.
  8. Hi Max, Your work is exquisite. That certainly is a slick way to solder very small components. I can use it for some of the things I've found near impossible in the past. I wondered about the purpose of the two flaps atop the panel which don't white meet at the gunsight mount. Might they be light shields to prevent lights from the panel from being visible outside the plane?
  9. Is that what it appears to be? A cup with a drain line to make sure that whatever would otherwise leak on the tire (tyre?) will go somewhere else. Germans are so creative with no problem unsolved and then usually with clever designs. I wonder how many other things d in like this can be found in this plane.
  10. Hi Dukie, You may find that there is a "white balance" setting on your camera. You might want to experiment with it to see if you can reduce the purple tint in your model photos. I downloaded one of your photos and was able to fix this with software I have for "fixing" photos. I don't know if there is a way lon this site to send you a copy of what I did, but if there is, I'll be happy to. that's a terrific build. best, john
  11. Maybe none of you is old enough to remember the 1/48 ME-109 sold be Aurora in the early '50s. It was molded in red polystyrene and had a clear plastic stand in lieu of landing gear. The swastika was in a white circle, and later references to the kit suggested that it was a V14, which apparently was painted red. You'd have to be REALLY ambitious to make a plausible plane from that kit.
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