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  1. Thank you, friends! Regards, Sergey Budyansky.
  2. Good day, friends! I want to show you my new model - revell He-219 A-7. In work I used: BigEd, BigSin, Barracuda, Master 20, 30 mm gun barrels, Profimodeller antennas, CMK seats, HGW belts, SWS crew, and DML Kettenkraftrad. I used Gunze paints and oils.
  3. Hi, friends! Allow me to present model of the Hero woman-pilot Lidiya Litvyak. That was definitely easy built model. I used Akan paints, and Gunze oils. Many thanks for Iva Honkova and her beatiful reproduction! Regards, Sergey Budyansky.
  4. Good day, friends! It's time for something experimental. Model built OOTB. I've used Gunze paints and weathering effects. Regards, Sergey Budyansky
  5. Thank you! Yes, that was a beautiful kit. I haven't got any problems during building.
  6. Happy New Year, friends! It's my first model in 2020. Heinkel is mostly OOTB. Paints are from Gunze.
  7. Good day! Yes, this is self-adhesive metallic foil. To make them I used only modelling knife, no any special tools.
  8. Hi, friends! Let me to show something different - it's a submarine! Not yellow but she is really big! I've made some scratchbuild things. The sailors made from Master Box, unknown company and some milliput. I've used Akan, Tamiya and Mr.hobby paints for my U-boot. Thank you! Regards, Sergey Budyansky.
  9. Good day, dear friends! Now, i want to show you my model from HpH - La-7, Soviet Ace Amet-Khan Sultan. That was very difficult build. Also i've used hataka paints for late ww2 soviet airforce. Decals are custom and handmade. Thank you! Regards, Sergey Budyanskiy!
  10. Hello, my friends! Now it's time for something "sci-fi" Model is mostly from OOTB. I've add some PE and Master parts. Thank you! Regards, Sergey Budyansky.
  11. Good day, friends! After a long illness, I've returned to modeling. Allow me to present Bf109 E-3, OOTB. I've used Mr.hobby paints and oils from AMMO. Thanks, and take care! Regards, Sergey Budyansky
  12. Thank you, friends! You can find more in my album at FB: https://www.facebook.com/DartSchatten/media_set?set=a.842367652518828.1073741849.100002368021500&type=3&pnref=story
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