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  1. Thaks, friends! Regards, Sergey.
  2. Thank you! R4M - yes. I read about some experiments with them. Why not?
  3. Hello friends! I finished my He-162 model from Revell. I used Aires cockpit, Quinta studio 3D decal and True details wheels. R4M rockets from Ef-126 Das Werke kit. I use Gunze and RC colours for camo, LP Tamiya and Alclade for "metal" surfaces. I used Ucshi van der Rosten wooden decals for "wood surfaces". Regards, Sergey Budyansky.
  4. Hello friends! Work is still in progress... Unfortunately, I have no time to take a good photo. Regards, Sergey!
  5. Thanks, Alain! Unfortunately, I have no information on the installation of R4M air-to-air missiles, that I was planning to install.
  6. Hi, friends! My bird is ready for painting Regards, Sergey.
  7. Greetings colleagues! Happy New Year! I wish you be health and safe in the new year! By the way, I read that unguided rockets were tested on the He-162. What do you think if I install air-to-air missiles on the He-162?
  8. Hi! Some work has been done! I painted interior details and (because i'm lazy man ) add some of the Quinta 3D decals (I combined Aires and Quinta))) I also added rivets to the fuselage and remade sleeve outlets. Regards, Sergey!
  9. Greetings! Very little progress on the model. I cleaned the parts and removed the relief from the fuselage. Ooops... some problems, but I think they are easy to fix )
  10. Greetings colleagues! I hope you are safe and sound during these difficult times! Let me take part in this event. I have 1/32 Revell He-162 with a few additions, like: Aries, Quinta 3D decals (just in case) and wheels from True details. I think, that it will be "what-if" camouflage... not shure for now... Thank you, and sorry for my english.
  11. Good day, friends! Happy new year for all! I wishes to be healthy for all of you! This is my last work in 2020. Really great kit from WnW - F.2a late Felixstowe. Regards, Sergey Budyansky.
  12. Good day! My new model - I-153, built OOTB just for relax. Regards, Sergey Budyansky
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