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Kiwi Corsair - Finished


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Hi Brad,


That's true, but some flakes were a bit big so were certainly in need of touching up. :)


Anyway, work continued but I had no opportunity to update the thread... until now.

The fuselage decals of the HGW set were added:



The white "C" and Donald Duck went on fine. Phew!




As did the numbering and the fin flash.

Flaking on the roundel occurred on the rivets, something that happens on real aircraft as well.

The other side was similar.

I decided to touch-up the roundel lightly with white paint.


After the HGW decals were sealed by brushing on a little bit of Klear, it was time to apply the stencilling of the kit decals.

Although hard to see on pictures of Kiwi Corsairs, they were ex-US NAVY planes, of which only the roundels and registrations were painted over.

The faded paint was left as-is and possibly also the stencilling until a repaint somewhere on the airframe was needed.

Anyway, it also adds a bit of interest to the model, so the stencilling, albeit a bit oversized, was added.


This is the kit decal sheet:



And here is the stencilling on the model:





The windscreen and canopy were masked and sprayed.

Starting with Interior Green, followed by faded Sea Blue:



On the picture, they look darker than in reality.


And finally, the pilot was painted:



I'm not a very good figure painter but he will do nicely in the closed cockpit. ;)


To be continued.





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Thanks, Kev! :)


Well, there was not much left to do.

Painting the exhausts and add a bit of staining with Tamiya weathering powders:



The last items were added:

the antenna with wiring,

the windshield, blended in with Kristal Klear and touched up,

the pilot was fixed in place, also with Kristral Klear.

After some matt varnish, the clear navigation lights were added after first drilling them and simulate a light bulb with red and green clear paint.

Ofcourse, they didn't fit but were blended in with Kristal Klear.


Finally, the canopy was placed:



And that means: the Kiwi Corsair is finished! :yahoo:


Here are some glamour shots:









It was fun building this old kit. :)

I have already selected another old Revell kit for the Blue Box of Happiness  group build. ^_^







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