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  1. Great looking model. There are not enough of these being built.
  2. Great result, Ian and a truly inspirational build thread. I'm still marvelling at the whole "chop the engines off" episode, I love that kind of approach.
  3. Cheers Kev. Site is looking good too, keep it up Mate.
  4. Lookin real good Kev. I will definitely be getting one of these as my dad flew them briefly when he was in the RNZAF. your IP is especially good
  5. What??? Did thet run out of brooms? and I bet they are using fence paint
  6. It's bigger and thus looks MUCH better than... no, I just can't bring myself to mention that other scale. Looking good Tom.
  7. Mini Hobby kit. I am led to believe that it is quite accurate. Although, funnel no.2 seems a little short. I will probably remove the motor, seal up the shaft hole and get a suck-on electric motor for underneath. If I remove all the electrics, he can sink it in the bath.
  8. "WHAT?" I hear you all say. "You built a model?.. No way!" Yes way. My little boy (just like every other little boy) has become fascinated with the Titanic, so Nana bought him one for Christmas... actually, that was me too. I put it together for him, he helped with the painting: It is motorised but, unfortunately, it leaks through the prop shaft.
  9. Mmmm. Rubber tyres. There's your first job Derek.
  10. A 1/32 Black Widow? Surely not...
  11. Awesome. Do you wear a painting smock too, Peter?
  12. I have a paper/card model in 1/33. Looks like it might translate into plastic Okay. Could be a while before I look at it, however.
  13. Too true... but it won't stop you from building it. I have the Combat kit so, hopefully, someone will create a cockpit and prop set and I can use the extra bits to build both. Don't forget the new decal sets. (AIMS & EagleCals)
  14. "Enemy at the Gates" had a few Heinkels and Ju52's in it. Some good Stuka action too. "Pearl Harbor" had the B-25 segment at the end.
  15. Lol, yeah cause like, we need another 109. Oh well, never mind.
  16. What it is? A thing of beauty, is what it is. Wish I had room for something this cool.
  17. I asked him about this once and he supplied a couple of photos of his office with several built kits on the shelves.
  18. Great work so far, Animal. That is definitely a nice looking model. The real thing would have made a graceful airliner.
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