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Royal Navy Martlet Mk V from Revell


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I chucked a bit more interior green on, did some sanding, some more patching up and then added the windscreen. Fit here isn't that good but I've put some gap filling clear parts glue on and hopefully with a little sanding it should turn out ok. I did however drop the control stick inside the fuselage with glue on it, so I might have to find something else to stick in it unless I can somehow dislodge it from wherever it is inside.



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Painting continues. This time with some Tamiya Sky.




Followed by Tamiya XF 22 grey. It's meant to be RLM 02 but its much closer to slate grey and works well for this purpose.




More masking, then some Tamiya XF 24 which suits pretty nicely for dark sea grey.




Right, not too bad. Some touch ups with the brush to do, but otherwise it will be onto gloss and decals.



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Decals on, which came from the spares box. Lathered up in Mr Mark they went down without too much of a fight. Now onto the weathering. These things got pretty filthy, so I've been washing with pigments, chipping the paint and I'll paint in some repaired areas and fading later.



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