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Royal Navy Martlet Mk V from Revell


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I'd been looking for this kit and happen across one at the LHS, second hand and water damaged, but the price was right (20 bucks). The decals were no good, but I've got plenty of those. I will probably build it with the wings folded and I'm not sure about the colour scheme at the moment, but I'll work that out as I go along.


Here's what I'm working with.



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I made a small start last night. I did look into some aftermarket for the cockpit, but the real thing was pretty basic anyway. Seatbelts will look nice though if I can find some. I have some instrument decals that I'll use on the panel, sanded off the very light raised detail here. 



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I managed to get the wing fold working, I did a little modification to the mechanism to allow me to attach the outer wings at a later stage. I also found that the instructions reverse the wing fold parts. I couldn't work out why things didn't fit or line up until I realised the mistake in the instructions. Anyways, that sorted, I was gluing and clamping over the weekend.



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All was going well with the undercarriage legs. Everything seemed to fit ok.




Then things went a bit off track. I tried throwing on some green and it turned out like crap. I think it was a bit too humid today, oh well, you can't see much anyway. I'm also having issues making the fuselage close, something is wrong here and I can't work it out, I hacked away at some of the under carriage bay, that worked well enough for the front but I've still got to force the fuselage closed so I dunno, putting it down now and I'll think about it later.



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10 hours ago, Erwin said:

Look out for the folding wings.

They tend to hang down.And moving them several times will brake them off.



They do look a bit fragile, I've modified the hinge so I can add the wings later on, then I'll glue them in the folded position.

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I still think I made an error somewhere with the interior, as you can see I've had to add a shim to the front of the fuselage, strangely this does not seem to effect the fit of the cowling ring much at all, so good news there. The wings are just sitting on, the fuselage join looks pretty good, a little clean up of the mating surfaces and I shouldn't need to do any filling and sanding there. The outer wing is just slotted on, I may need to look at supporting them somehow cos there is a lot of stress on that wing fold!



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7 hours ago, mgbooyv8 said:

Hi Brad,


AFAIK when folded, the wing tips are supported by a bar connected to the horizontal tail plane.

You could make something like that from metal wire to take the strain from the wing fold.






You've been reading my mind. I had to do some googling to see where the supports connected!

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