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Ex-Czech Polish MiG-29A Fulcrum - Trumpeter 1/32

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with the new year is time to start a new project, a MiG-29A (9-12) Fulcrum.

At the beginning I was thinking to do a Czech Fulcrum, but now I've decided for an ex-Czech Fulcrum sold to the Polish Air Force.

In the '90 the original Czech's camouflage was retained, and because my Fulcrum will be one of the jets during the exercise "Eagle's Talon" in the 1997 a white band was applied at the time around the rear part of the fuselage. 


Starting set includes the Trumpeter kit of course and some good books as references.




Some aftermarket are already available for this kit and I've got some of them but not all will be used for this kit.

For sure I'm going to use the resin wheels and the metal pitot tube...




A resin K-36DM ejection seat...



Some pre-painted PE for the cockpit's instrument panels...



Those spectacular resin RD-33 engines...



And a new correct resin radome like this one...



As you can see the difference in length and shape between the plastic radome and the one in resin is evident...




Dry fitting is not bad at all...





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Ok, as I want to do a PAF MiG-29A here some specifics references for this bird: a beautiful decal sheet from Techmod Decals and a comprensive book from Polish Wings series dedicated to the early years of the Fulcrum in PAF.


29A_50 29A_51


Going to the kit.

First of all the Trumpeter MiG-29A kit is better when is compared with the old Revell kit, but also the Trumpeter kit has some errors/mistake in shapes and size.




The main fuselage part includes the wings and is splitted with the lower part of the fuselage longitudinally. Personally, I like this solution.


As said before, the kit's radome is short and with some error in shape and will be addressed with a new resin radome from Quickboost.


What I don't really like of this kit is the shape on the upper engines nacelles. These should be much continuous with the resto of the fuselage and less pronounced...




So, I've made some kind of masking with tape to define the area where I'll put some putty...




Tamiya's Epoxy Putty for smooth surface is the one I prefer for this job...




Ok, here the result after a first session of sanding and a layer of brush painted neutral grey just to check any imperfection... compared with the original plastic part.









Not bad is it?




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Thank you my friends!


Some update on the engines nacelles.


With all the putty and sanding the surface details has gone... so its time to rescribe the panel lines and rivets: tools and references for this task.

29A_40 29A_41


Here the result of the task... some details in the engine covers has been already restored too using little bit of plasticard.



A thin layer of neutral grey has been sprayed to show the uniformity of the area.





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Holy Geez, sir! Moving right along to the next one, and my favorite airframe at that! She's going to look outstanding, as usual. Good point to look out for with the engine bays on the upper fuselage, will come in handy when I eventually do my fatback C model!

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Thank you!


It's time to work on the cockpit: the plastic part are ok, but some details can and must be added.




The ejection seat rail has been built from scratch.

The circuit brakers box has been cutted and rebuilt with plasticard, resin switch and cables.

A pair of pre-coloured plates has been added too.




The IP and consoles has been replaced with pre-coloured PE parts from Eduard set.

Some resin switches and knobs has benn added too.

Here the final result.


29A_23 29A_24 29A_25 29A_26 29A_29


The cockpit fit very well inside the upper fuselage part.





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