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  1. Spectacular! Mirage is such elegant plane and your two-seater is a beauty!!! I really like the soft but effective effect of the panel lines... great job!!! CIAO! Piero
  2. This model is cursed... After the usual decal process of clear gloss, micro set and sol, again clear gloss and than clear flat... here the result. I don't know what's happened... all decal's film is visible and extremely flat. Before spraying the clear flat here's how the decals looked... they were fine to me. Now I'm very disappointed at least... I think I'll throw it away from my balcony at 5th floor... damn!!! Never again Begemont decals for me.
  3. Hello, after a thin layer of Tamiya X-22 Clear Gloss, I've applied a dark wash all over the model. Now I have to put another couple of thin layers of Clear Gloss than it should be ready for decals. CIAO! Piero
  4. Hi Chuck, your canadian "Spillone" is amazing! You did a great job fixing the Italeri's kit. and the metal colors all around is almost perfect to me. CIAO! Piero
  5. Hi Marcel, I really like your Fulcrum!!! The camouflage is amazing and also the burned metal effect over the nozzles is great! My ask you what decals did you use for markings and stencils? CIAO! Piero
  6. Hello, my Fulcrum is back in full Czech's camouflage colors! This machine will be the Czech's 5918. Not even two Czech's Fulcrum had the same camouflage pattern... why???? This time I hope to be a little more lucky with the Tally Oh!'s decals... CIAO! Piero
  7. ... Unfortunately it went like this... My first experience with Techmod's decals has been "difficult": they are printed very well, good color saturation and a thin films... but hardly to use because are so fragile to move from the wet paper and to place on the model. Despite the model was so well glossed I had also a lot of silvering all over the stencils... a nightmare. This is the first time such a thing has happened to me... so I removed paints and decals until the bare plastic: I've used the AK Paint Stripper specific product for this task. Tomor
  8. Hello, the Fulcrum has been glossed with a couple of layers of Tamiya X-22 thinned with Tamiya Laquer Thinner "yellow cap". After that I've applied a wash using the Flory Model's "Dark Dirt" acrylic wash. Now it's ready for the decals. CIAO! Piero
  9. Well dirty Hornet here!!! Nice to see you got finished it... and now, who's next? CIAO! Piero
  10. Hello, I spent the weekend spraying colors all over the small panels, antennas, metallic plates, radome and the interior of the undercarriage bays. Now its time to prepare the surface for some good thin layers of clear gloss paint Tamiya X-22. CIAO! Piero
  11. Hello, the painting phase is going on. The under surface were sprayed with a very Light Grey. I used the Tamiya XF-80 reference. Then I sprayed the matt Black anti-glare panel in front of the windshield. Patches of Light Blu Grey, Tamiya XF-23, were sprayed over the Czech's insegna under the wings and around the front section of the jet air intakes. The real "challenge" was masking and painting the White band around the rear fuselage section... meters of Tamiya's masking tape following such different shapes and de
  12. Hello, due the quality of the Gunze colors and their drying speed if well thinned, yesterday I was able to finish the camouflage of the upper surfaces. After the Light Sand and the Light Green next was the H309 Dark Green. Then the H406 Chocolate Brown. The H65 Black Green was used to spray the patches covering the czech's insigna. Now its time to go with the Light Grey on the under surfaces....then the radome, antennas, metallic panels, black anti-glare panel and last but not least the large white band around the rear part of the fuselage.
  13. Thanks guys! Here the first two camouflage colors sprayed: these are Gunze H44 and H312 thinned with Tamiya's Thinner Yellow cap. Here the masking using Patafix's rolls and Tamiya's Yellow Tape. CIAO! Piero
  14. A little step before the camouflage... I sprayed some pure white inside the main panels to highlights these areas. An hint for the camouflage colors... CIAO! Piero
  15. Hello, the windshield has been glued to the fuselage: the fitting of this part is really good. Unfortunately I have no photo of this step... Then I've spent a good amount of time to clean all the plastic parts to prepare for the painting phase. The clear part of the windshield has been masked using Tamiya's yellow tape and some Maskol to seal the cockpit area. Now I'm ready to paint it!!! First layer is a coat of Tamiya X-18 Semi-Gloss Black: this has been sprayed in two thin layers with a pass of very fine grane sanding sponge between the painting layers and..
  16. Hi, early Polish MiG-29As were ex-Czech machines that retaines the original 4-tones camouflage for some years until they went to the overhaul maintenance where they were repainted in greys shades. The original 4-tones camouflage of the Fulcrums was not keept very well. The PAF's maintenance crews overpainted the Czech's roundels with blochs of Dark Green over the wings on on the vertical tails. Under the wings they applied some Light Blue Grey, used on the side of the jet air intakes too. And then applied the Polish markings. So the camouflage got a heavy f
  17. Moving on the cockpit... I've painted the area over the IP and added the glasses of the HUD. I have no pic but I've already painted the inside of the front windshield: the color is not black as I supposed it was but instead is light grey as the rest of the cockpit. CIAO! Piero
  18. nearly close to put on some paint... but still some work to do. The airbrake has been put on in closed position. The actuators has been reshaped and detailed too. Some details has been added to the IP cover. The HUD frame is there but still no glass, this will be added after the painting phase. A very nice surprise were the plastic under-wing pylons: I was worried of the amount of work I should done because these parts in the M and K versions are wrong in shape and details. Instead, in this box the pylons are almost correct
  19. ... and now all together!!! Fuselage is completed with the two vertical tails. The extensions with the chaff launchers has been reshaped and detailed using stripes of plasticard and pieces of PE. As you can see flaps&slats are fitted too: the positions of the all the mobile surfaces has been referred to many photos of the MiG-29A when is parked. It's curious that the flaps are in neutral position, the control surfaces are a little bit in up position and the slats are a little bit in down position... why the control surfaces are a little
  20. Hello, I tried to dry-fit the submarine-tank between the engines nacelles just to have an idea of how it looks... Not bad, right? Ok, time to put the fuselage together: inserting the cockpit inside the upper fuselage is not a problem, the fitting is almost ok. As you can see the two fuselage halves are glued together and a Quickboost correct resin radome is already fitted... it looks really ok to me. What is not perfect is the thickness of the LERX: for me this part is a little bit "skinny"... but I decided to li
  21. ... some details has been added under the front fuselage part: these includes open some air intakes, antennas dishes, stiffener plats and a lot of panel lines correction. The ventral engines nacelles and jet air intakes fitted under the main fuselage part. Also here I've added some details as stiffener plates, PE parts, a lot of panel lines re-scribing and rivets too. ...
  22. ... looking at the ventral engines nacelles and at the main jet air intakes plastic parts, these has a lot of wrong or missed panels and also are missed some drain and pipes points. Along the jet air intakes there are two long molding lines... that needs to be removed. The FOD plastic parts are really bad... I don't like the way they fits and the grills are wrong too. For me here the better and easy job is to replace the plastic parts with the Eduard's PE pieces. Here're the ventral engines nacelles after the
  23. Hello, some update here. The main undercarriage wheel bays plastic parts has a good level of details but I've also added some details as a lot of hydraulics lines ,stiffener plates, fuel cap and so on. On the upper surface I've added some details around the auxiliary air intakes, using plasticard and PE parts. Also, I've opened a pair of oval air intakes and a circular inspection windows on the right side. ...
  24. Hi, my 1/32 KH Mirage 2000D/N hasn't the weapons stencils decal sheet "A"... what the hell?!?!?!?!?!
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