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  1. I think if you put it together, it 's gonna look like Ju-87
  2. t is very good news. Our patience is rewarded
  3. I very much wait Henshel 129 this year in the fall... The 190th can be I will take, and here stated for 2021 to me it is not really interesting, there are more interesting planes, it is a pity that did not pay attention to them...
  4. for brushing - Testors acrylic water base+retarder, Tamiya acrelic+retarder, Hobby Color+retarder. airbrushing - Mr.Color, MRP, Hataka, Testors enamel, Hobby Color, Tamiya acrylic.
  5. It is a pity that such firm releases the next Messerschmitt or the Mustang whom be so just filled up, and so nobody will make such planes as Beaufighter or Ta-154... Apparently, after Ki-45 and Hs-129 personally my interest in ZM considerably will cool down that will give the chance to have a rest to my purse...
  6. I bought from Profimodeller many times. Always everything was excellent. No troubles arose. The only delay was once - etching has to be made for me to order. Within 2 weeks everything has been sent. You put goods in a basket and you pay through PayPal. The system of payment - guarantees safety of the transaction.
  7. Get the True Details seats. I've been told they aren't 100% accurate, but they're close enough, and the detail is just delicious.
  8. Yes, I tried black glue and I am very happy. It is much easier to process it, almost just as plastic and is the best of all to use this black glue with the drying activator!!! Most of all it is pleasant to me here such there is a feature when using - it is necessary to shake up it well!!!!!
  9. to SU-25 there is other tow, but maybe such.....
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