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  1. RP-Tools are the best in their business!!! PayPal works perfectly well.
  2. sell M and buy A, this will be much easier, because there will be a lot of redoing and finishing new parts there. A detailed description will take a lot of time and text. In short, these are almost two different aircraft. In short, you are trying to make Bf-109G-6 out of Spitfire Mk1
  3. Š¢hank you all for the appreciation of my work. I will try to continue to do something pleasant for you ... I did not do anything difficult in my work, simple experiments that sometimes lead to unexpected and good results. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and you will find your way. The most important thing is to do it for your pleasure in spite of everything and not tune in to a great result. Good luck to all,
  4. as soon as my new desktop is ready I will certainly finish the Black Widow
  5. Hello, This is my first finished job on this resource. The model was built for a long time, with long interruptions and many improvements that he did on his own, without resorting to an aftermarket. He deepened the lining and added riveting on the wings. Modified the interior of the cabin. Modified screw and screw sleeve. Chassis racks are made 80% anew. I eased the creepy and ugly mounds to simulate the canvas on the steering surfaces. He painted with Mr.Color paints, two satin finish varnishes (made himself from Future + Tamiya Flat Base) and a dull matte from Testors. Regards, upload png
  6. I think if you put it together, it 's gonna look like Ju-87
  7. t is very good news. Our patience is rewarded
  8. I very much wait Henshel 129 this year in the fall... The 190th can be I will take, and here stated for 2021 to me it is not really interesting, there are more interesting planes, it is a pity that did not pay attention to them...
  9. for brushing - Testors acrylic water base+retarder, Tamiya acrelic+retarder, Hobby Color+retarder. airbrushing - Mr.Color, MRP, Hataka, Testors enamel, Hobby Color, Tamiya acrylic.
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