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  1. Doctorgaz

    Tamiya's release schedule next 5 years (suggestion)

    Hellcat Beufighter FMA IA-58 Pucara
  2. Doctorgaz

    HB P-61 started

    Forgive me, but color of a niche of the chassis isn't right. There have to be interior, and FS 33481 shutters
  3. Doctorgaz

    Considering a HB P-61

    JohnB, with AMS Resin be attentive. I have a cook of the screw in section not the circle, but an awful oval has appeared. It isn't possible to correct. I finished cooks from model!!! my slow building.... http://www.greenmats.club/topic/4290-132-black-widow-p-61a-hobbyboss/?do=findComment&comment=54217
  4. Doctorgaz

    Considering a HB P-61

    packs option B, but plastic is unified and reminds option A. if to do And, then it is necessary to putty places on a wing for suspended tanks. To change for pitch cooks of screws and propellers, but pitch cooks are far from an ideal. Maybe only at me such set has got. I finished original... For option B to perdelyvat a mobile tourist's fir-tree on fuselage top on motionless - she has other contours.... I have begun to do this model. Joining of details good..... All this that I to her have bought......
  5. Doctorgaz

    Has anyone ordered from Profimodeller?

    I bought from Profimodeller many times. Always everything was excellent. No troubles arose. The only delay was once - etching has to be made for me to order. Within 2 weeks everything has been sent. You put goods in a basket and you pay through PayPal. The system of payment - guarantees safety of the transaction.
  6. Doctorgaz

    Photobucket Fix

    no work ....((((
  7. Doctorgaz

    A-6E seats

    Get the True Details seats. I've been told they aren't 100% accurate, but they're close enough, and the detail is just delicious.
  8. Doctorgaz

    Black super glue??

    Yes, I tried black glue and I am very happy. It is much easier to process it, almost just as plastic and is the best of all to use this black glue with the drying activator!!! Most of all it is pleasant to me here such there is a feature when using - it is necessary to shake up it well!!!!!
  9. Doctorgaz

    1/18 scale SBD-3/5 Dauntless,

    I have kept very few photos of that process, but I think that it is necessary to address the author of building that he, whenever possible, have made archive with the photos of building, for our use.... I have this model, but I am not ready to do it yet....
  10. Doctorgaz

    1/18 scale SBD-3/5 Dauntless,