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  1. Holy Geez, sir! Moving right along to the next one, and my favorite airframe at that! She's going to look outstanding, as usual. Good point to look out for with the engine bays on the upper fuselage, will come in handy when I eventually do my fatback C model!
  2. After a long break deciding what to do with the wing fold mechanism, I finally opted for using the kit-supplied parts. While not nearly as impressive as some of the offerings on here, I was more tired of seeing my Hornet being neglected. The kit offerings fill the role as intended, though studying numerous reference pics there is a lot to be desired. On the teeth that form the outer seal when the wings are spread, there are three stand-offs on the outer wing, and four on the inner. I constantly dry fit the roller to these teeth, and couldn't shake the fact that the standoffs cause the rollers
  3. It was actually burnt iron Many thanks, still waiting to get the 2.5mm round stock so I can do the wing fold rollers
  4. Many thanks sir! This was definitely a labor of love, just a shame she's near completion. I will say that if you can get your hands on one, it builds up to a spectacular model, even without all the AM I threw at her, so give it a go!
  5. All ordinance is now on the jet, save the AIM-9M that still needs to be ordered from Zacto, and the dull coat has been applied I have also added the nav lights, and vert stab strobes at this point. I'm really happy with the way the decals look under the dull coat, they really look painted on now! My next step was to add the slime lights from Steel Beach, and while the color I think is spot on for the strips, they come in one solid strip, so minor cutting is required. I attached them at their designated areas, ran my nail over them lightly to find the sep
  6. Nice work sir! Yours and mine are at about the same point in their builds. I really like the folding rollers you made, wish I would've known about that when I attached my rollers (not too late to fix though )
  7. Phenomenal ER's and ET's! Can't wait to see how the R-73's come out and how they fit onto the pylons
  8. My GBU-38 set came in on the 12th, and I am definitely impressed with the casting quality! The ablative coating looks spot on, and contrary to one review I saw for them, the instructions were simple and to the point (not hard considering there are only four pieces per bomb.) I cut the tail fin kit and main body from their respective casting blocks before I went to work that day, and primed them when I got home. The next day I put the coat of Light Compass Ghost Gray (the instructions even call the FS number) using the black basing technique on the main body, while the tail
  9. Outstanding work on the Intruder so far! Really like the effect you've done on the Mk.82's! Welcome aboard, and I'm pulling up a bench for sure.
  10. Work is, for the most part, finished on the dirt phase, and we are now in the home stretch. After griming up the drop tanks to a level that shows they've been on the boat for a while, I attached them to the fuselage. My clear orange came in the other day as well, so I was finally able to finish off the AoA indexer on the nose gear That now has its coat of Krystal Klear on to cure for the lens. Once the tanks were attached, I moved on to finishing up the doors, and they will never be pure white again!
  11. Today started the filthy phase, and it's something I have both been fearful of and looking forward to. I started with the outer wings, mainly to see if I could do it and see how to progress with the main fuselage. Once sufficiently happy with the results, I moved on to the main fuselage, doing the top and verts this morning. I let those sit for the rest of the day, and moved to the underside tonight, having just finished that section up. Next step will be to make the drop tanks absolutely
  12. It's not far at all, she's just down to the dirty up phase, which luckily having been around jets both when I was in the military and now with my current job, I know how filthy they get and where the hot spots are
  13. Work has continued on the stores, and all launch rails are done, with most of the ordinance attached (just ordered the USN GBU-38 set from VideoAviation.) The drop tanks just need another clear coat to seal in the decals before I make them filthy. While I was waiting for the sway braces to finish setting/drying, I moved on to the canopy and attached the rail that came with the cockpit set onto the glass. I also added the red and green lights for the AoA indicator that is mounted on the nose gear, and am waiting for my jar of clear orange to do
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