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HPH / Infinity Blohm-Voss BV-138 in works


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2 hours ago, thierry laurent said:

I guess so as this is what they did for all the larger kits and this has obvious advantages: strong and lightweight large parts with less dimensional issues.

Yes, but the seams are a PITA to deal with. Ask me how I know. ******* files and blue air abound.

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Thanks for that Jan!


Definitely appears fiberglass, as some of their other very large models have been. Not sure how much this will be, but the 138 has fascinated me since I first saw it, and as much of an aversion to HpH kits as I have, I may have to have one of these.............may........


From looking at this to what appears to be CAD...........are we thinking HpH might be going with 3D printed parts VS their traditional "resin pool" method they previously employed for tiny parts?

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I'm going to get this even though I don't have the room for it.  Just for the pleasure and experience.   Even if I have to sell it later.  Heck...   would probably have to palletize it and build a heavy box frame around it. 


I just hope it comes out in time to get it onto the Christmas wish list.

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9 hours ago, Plop said:

                                ....Fantastic! I will definately be getting one!


Hi Plop  :hi:

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