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QF-4S Phantom "VX-30" - Tamiya/Cutting Edge, 1/32

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Cheers everyone! Kevin was kind enough to separate the Phantom posts from the Tomcat thread. As I am planning to finish this one, it makes more sense to open a separate thread for it.


I wasn't in the mood to work on the Tomcat landing gear, so I decided to resurrect another project from the Shelf of Doom - a QF-4S. Painting is fun! Cutting Edge conversion kit, cockpit converted to QF-4S standard. As there are no decals, all markings are painted... 















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I’m currently working on the same kit as a

f-4J, and looking at your work here Ben, I can see the extra work you’ve done on the fuselage. I particularly like the vents near the jet exhaust, very nice work! And the cockpit is just incredible! 
Without turning this into a phantom build thread, can I ask if that’s the Aires or Avionix cockpit with modifications to the qf-4 and what intake set have you used?

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Thank you, gentlemen! :) I have to admit the cockpit was one of the main reasons to get this one back onto the bench - I think it's the best cockpit I have ever painted. I did that years ago - I don't even exactly know when - and never ever came close to such a result. Maybe I was just more patient back in the day? Who knows. Anyway, to answer Squizzy's question, this is ye olde Black Box cockpit. It's one of their best efforts IMO - detail is just beautiful. Those cockpits cast from oldschool handmade patterns are much more beautiful than "modern" ones based on 3D printed patterns in my opinion. They may be a bit more rough, but they have much more character and are often much easier and much more fun to paint as wires are ticker, recesses are deeper, etc. 


Regarding the intakes, I am not quite sure anymore - I think it's the DMold intakes, but don't hold your breath on that. Like I said, I don't even remember when I started the model...

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Oh my word I love this Phantom!  Especially love your cockpit (might look at one of those) and that paint job is to die for....I hope my Brit Phantom is 1/4 as good as this and I will be happy.


So glad you showed us all this project, and an inspiration for me...as I have almost finished the bolt heads on the horizontal stab rear spar (what was I thinking!).  Thanks again


Cheers Anthony

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So here we go with another thread... thanks Kevin for separating the QF-4S posts from the Tomcat thread! 


Petr, Fred is right, it's the Cutting Edge conversion set. I have to admit I don't even remember when I started this project... 


Thanks a lot, Anthony! I think I already mentioned it in your thread, your huge Spey Phantom conversion inspired me to get mine back onto the bench. I wish my model was half as neat as yours which it certainly isn't... But I am not totally unhappy with it. 


I was rather busy yesterday evening. I really love painting such heavily worn TPS schemes. I re-discovered some great photos showing Scooby during restoration one of which showed a nasty replacement panel on the LH wing surface. I had already seen a differently painted panel on the pics I had but couldn't see any details. Now look at this - isn't that beautifully nasty?




The blueish/greenish hue looks very interesting and the dirty sealant gunk around it is a nice touch as well. 


The outline was masked, then I applied a thick coat of Mr. Surfacer 500. 






The Surfacer was a tad too old which made it a bit sticky (perfect for nonskid surfaces, though...) which caused the edges not being perfectly neat when I removed the mask. Not really a problem as it looks pretty nasty on the real a/c as well. The partial walkway in front of it was added as well.



And here is the same area painted and partially weathered. The blueish hue was obtained with transparent blue from Gunze.




The stencils on the wings were sprayed on using Eduard PE templates which are long OOP. Very useful and absolutely perfect for the kind of hastily sprayed on stencils on a well worn aircraft. They sadly don't contain all needed words. "Scooby" is plastered with "CAUTION" and "WARNING" stencils and I have yet to find some templates for those. 






Close up of the RH side wing surface. 






Lastly, the anti glare panel was painted on. Impressive how it totally changes the look of the model.





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