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Douglas/On Mark B-26K/A-26A Invader

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Oh this is getting silly now. Could this be the most poorly designed kit ever???  There was me happily getting on assembling my kit , hoping to just ignore the innaccuracies , and then i look on this thread and realise something else is wrong! aarrggh.  Oh well nevermind , scribed on inner flaps it is then.  I must stop looking on here ,its making my brain starting to think about a counter invader too!   

Any ideas on what you will do about pylons amongst other things Iain?


On the plus side , out of the box it builds really nice so far and the detail is actually OK.

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Hi Iain,


Nice work so far! If you need detailed pictures of an Invader let me know. I have access to an A-26B Invader. I know it's not a K model but it will have the wing profiles and skin panels you need. The Invader I have access to and help maintain to airworthiness never has been modified at the spar to be what they called an "Executive transport" either. For if you've never heard of this that was a modification that required making the bomb bay a seating area for generals and high ranking executives for fast transportation. While making this modification they cut the spar and made it more box-like in the bomb bay area for head room of the executives. Ours has just an original bomb bay and spar. 


I look forward to seeing more work on this kit by you. I currently don't have this kit but have considered it since we have a real Invader. I've just not spent the money for it yet.




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