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    1/48tha and 1/32 a/c. I have a 1/32 RF-101 model in NASM and have won 1st places with several of my 1/32 Revell F-15s.<br /><br />http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i71/bradebaugh/1stPlace1990Miami2.jpg<br /><br />http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i71/bradebaugh/1stPlace1990Miami.jpg<br /><br />http://www.nasm.si.edu/exhibitions/lae/images/LE284L15.jpg

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  1. One of the fixes you'll need to adress is the canopy. The only F-15 that had a tinted canopy was the demonstration a/c, the box top one you have. Revell issued the kit at one point with a clear canopy and so did Revell of Germany. Bruce (from Parts-R-Parts)
  2. True Color makes a line of Viet Nam colors and their 34079 is nice
  3. Alex, have you thought about the possibility of selling your drawings so that others might try the build? Bruce
  4. your large scary project is looking good. I'm working on a LSP of my own, 1/32 ID Models B-29 vacform! Bruce
  5. my bad on verbage. Like I said, this is something that nobody seems to notice Bruce
  6. there is a 3D printing outfit that could do the gear in stainless steal. Xometry.com They do great work. you send the drawing and they will give a quote online. If you use them,tell them I sent you Bruce Radebaugh I'm having them do a 1/32 B-29 cockpit (nose to pressure bulkhead.
  7. So, what I did was to cut under the canopy rail of the Revell RF kit and graft a resin copy of the Tamiya canopy rail area to the Revell kit. I made resin copies of the canopy frames from Tamiya and bought some Tamiya clear parts. I had done the same thing on a Revell F-4 kit. See my build
  8. The other issue I can't figure out is how they got the size of the horizontal stabs wrong. If you compare the Revell and Tamiya stabs you'll see that the Revell stabs from the RF-4 (non slatted stab) are about 1/8th inch larger. Compare the the Revell F-4E stab to the Tamiya F-4J (both are slatted) and you'll see they are the same. The C/D stab in real life is the same size as an E, the only difference is the E/J stabs had the leading edge modified with slats. I've measured a real unslatted stab and Revells is spot on while the Tamiya is too short. Bruce
  9. I hope you made it on a wing and a prayer Bruce
  10. Bruce


    I don't think it would be too hard to scale up a 1/48 version and use a couple Revell or Hasegawa kits. Bruce
  11. take a look at the Revell M/MF kit. I think you can take the tail and canopy from it and mate it to a Revell PF kit and get what you want. there are a couple of the kits on ebay. contact me via message about some other items you could use. Bruce
  12. the problem isn't the seats, its the width of the Revell tub. compare it to the Tamiya tub. The walls need to be moved in about the width of the plastic. You can check me on this but on the B and D model the throttles are aligned, your throttles need to be moved to the right. look at http://partsrparts.homestead.com/start.html contact me Bruce
  13. beware of the canopy raising part it is way too short to get the canopy open at the right angle Bruce
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