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  1. Duxford. Its bigger and as others have said its a live museum , theres always something going on. I still really like Hendon. We went recently and they have improved the lighting , which makes it a different place IMO , much better than it was. Shame they took the battle of Britain display away though. Having said that , all of the planes that were in that hall are now in another hall so you can see them much more clearly.Wellington is now at Cosford.
  2. Excellent , thanks Guys
  3. They always make great trailers. I really must go this year , i havent been for a couple of them.
  4. Thanks Dave , thats great.
  5. Is this the right part or am i getting confused? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GMAC3201-1-32-SCALE-P40-EXTENDED-TAIL-HASEGAWA-P40-KIT-AFTER-MARKET/223253968161?hash=item33faf93521%3Ag%3Ao74AAMXQNo5Tanoz&_trkparms=pageci%3Abf2f7395-49ce-11ea-b3d6-74dbd180b048|parentrq%3A20aec94e1700a4b7fcb5306dffe7cd00|iid%3A1
  6. How easy is it to convert the Hasegawa 1/32 P-40E to an M model? Just extended tail and the 2 intakes in front of the exhausts?
  7. Has anyone fitted underwing rockets to their Tamiya Mosquito yet? If so what did you use please?
  8. Looking Fantastic. I am just building the very same kit and i was wondering if i should paint the carbs and engine bearers? Can they bee seen through the UC bays do you think?
  9. Oh yeah in the past , about four kits in one stomping. It was incredibly satisfying!
  10. OK people , change of plan. I have been feeling that the fun has been disappearing from my modelling. I think the main reason is obsessing over details. This normally means hours spent on extra detail , that to be honest nobody other than me is going to see , or i the case of some areas not even see. With that in mind i have decided to start a new kit. and only use whats in the box. If its the wrong shape , or appears to need more details added....tough luck , straight from the box rubber tyres and all! Let the fun begin Right new kit
  11. Well i sold the ammunition chutes on as i had an offer i could not refuse. That aloowed me to buy metal undercarriage and metal rads. Cockpit is making progress. Im hoping to do alot more this weekend.
  12. Heres the one i did that i later sold for little havens charity https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=2616
  13. This has to be one of my favourite kits. I have built quite a few. After we lost our little Daughter i built one and sold it for charity , along with an airfix 1/24 spitfire , so i have a very soft spot for it. Both are on this site. This one came courtesy of a facebook auction group and it came with Paragon , UC set , exhaust set , and ammo belts. It also came with Radus belts , airscale instruments , brass gun barrels , fasteners and grils , and Barracuda Wheels , and for a fantastic price. I have just added to it with eduard interior and instrument panel , with plans to add the metal legs from SAC and radiator from Eduard. I have the Tamiya 1/32 Mosquito so i can use that as referrence to scratchbuild some details too. This will be my own most detailed one so far. Im very much looking forward to the journey. I like the Tamiya 1/32 mosquito , its exquiset , but to me the Airfix one is a bigger challenge and it has more "soul". Stay tuned , this will be a long one....
  14. It came from a Facebook auction group. Been looking for those paragon parts for ages!
  15. This arrived today , complete with lots of aftermarket. Yes they are paragon 1/24 mosquito parts!
  16. I have built a few now and its a really nice kit. The weak point on the undercarriage is where the small "loops" at the top on the leg join it to the model. They snap if you are not careful.
  17. Hi Ron. Its very sad indeed. There is already a thread running on this here
  18. UK media saying it hit a deicing shed nothing about injuries so hopefully no fatalities
  19. Had a break for a bit , got irritated with the model , left it alone , now i feel refreshed. Nearly all of the rubbing down and filling done now. Wingtip lights added and blended in , tailplanes test fitted. Looks really nice under a layer of Tamiya Primer. I do think i have decided to do the camouflage version now though. lovely surface detail BTW the engines are not canted outwards , its the camera lens
  20. Last bit of sanding done.......almost. Its all smooth , smooth ,smooth! Primer is all sanded back revealing the lovely surface detail. Ah yes......
  21. They are certainly a test. I am seriously considering buying their sea hornet too but I think I will wait for a second Hand one on eBay or something
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