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  1. The 3D printed KC-135 style wheels are done. There are pictures and information posted over on Iian's A-26K build for anyone interested. Bruce
  2. anyone interested should contact my friend Chuck Davenport at: charles davenport <bgdavenport@bellsouth.net> for details Bruce
  3. If anyone is interested in these tires let me know. I think he did a beautiful job. My photography doesn't do them justice. he even has the valve stem cast on the inner rim. How do I fix my problem with loading the pics? Bruce
  4. here are links to 3 other pictures. I cant seem to load the pics http://partsrparts.homestead.com/A-26-2.html http://partsrparts.homestead.com/A-26-3.html http://partsrparts.homestead.com/A-26-4.html
  5. here is a link partsrparts.homestead.com/A-26-tire.html
  6. a friend and I recently took numerous and measurements of the KC-135 tires on a B-26. He is making cad drawings and is going to print the tires. If all goes well I'll try to pot pictures Bruce
  7. I recently took numerous photos and measurements of the KC-135 tire on a B-26. A friend is doing cad drawings and will print some tires. I'll post pics if they come out well Bruce
  8. I had a friend print the parts from the 3d file. they came out fine but the finished engine does not fit the inside of the kit cowling! Oh well, there are other engines available. Bruce
  9. the splinter scheme is a 1/32 P-51 from Hobbycraft with home made decals. The P-40N was a Hasegawa Special issue kit with all those decals Bruce
  10. Really looking good. this ac ended up in the Georgia Guard lost its "Turkey feathers" and got ACESII seats. Bruce
  11. It just hit me that the T.O. only shows one drawing for all 8 pylons, thus they are the same! Bruce
  12. I took a different approach on the wing. I cut right along the wing fillet panel line and removed that area then plugged the hole with 40 thou plastic. I took the wing root part that i removed and treated it like a vac form part sanding away the plastic until I had just a very thin edge of the wing fillet just like you would on the real aircraft. I'm going to move the wing root/fillet up to the proper location on the fuselage. I'll post pictures when i figure out how. anyone figure what prop is best to square off the tips use? Bruce
  13. John, heads up n the tailplanes for the Tamiya kit, they're small. If you can get your hands on a set from a Revell RF-4 they are the correct size. Tamiya's E model tailplanes are correct but not the C/D ones. I have access to an F-4 here at the Robins Museum of Aviation and have measured actual ones. Your build is looking good. Bruce
  14. It was a long time ago. I'm still only 30 minutes from the museum. They repainted the Connie last year. For the last 5 years I've been volunteering at the museum restoring a B-17G. I cleaned up and restored the engines.
  15. thanks, I'll let you know how I come out with the printing. BTW Iian, did you ever finish the Connie I sent you the pictures and such? Bruce
  16. any chance someone can send me a copy of the .stl files for the engines so I can get a set printed by a friend, or put me in touch with the owner of the .stl files.
  17. too bad,,I guess that would be too easy. Maybe one of the followers can do masters in 1/32 3D CAD drawings and give the drawings to anyone that wants to take on the task. Engines shouldn't be a problem. Techniks made a great R-2800 with all the variations.
  18. It would appear that HobbyBoss either used Doug Feeney's ID Models vacform A-26 as a master or the same plans that Doug used. You can fit the HB fuselage into the vacform fuselage and the wing area matches. BTW does anyone know if the hard points for the ordnance came form some other aircraft or were made for the A-26. If they came from another aircraft, i.e. F-100, maybe they exist in 1/32 scale and could be easily copied. They all appear to be the same so if someone wants to make an original I'd be glad to make a mold and cast them for anyone wanting to do the conversion. Also, we have an executive A-26in the Robins Museum just 30 minutes down the road from me. Bruce
  19. You mentioned that you have lots of 1/32 models…Bid you by any chance by one of the 1/32 ID Models B-29?
  20. One of the fixes you'll need to adress is the canopy. The only F-15 that had a tinted canopy was the demonstration a/c, the box top one you have. Revell issued the kit at one point with a clear canopy and so did Revell of Germany. Bruce (from Parts-R-Parts)
  21. Alex, have you thought about the possibility of selling your drawings so that others might try the build? Bruce
  22. your large scary project is looking good. I'm working on a LSP of my own, 1/32 ID Models B-29 vacform! Bruce
  23. my bad on verbage. Like I said, this is something that nobody seems to notice Bruce
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