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  1. gunpowder

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Looks great. I have one starting soon. I would like to add loads to it like this.
  2. gunpowder

    Deagostini Millennium Falcon

    Considered it yes. It’s not out here in the UK yet I don’t think. The mount is advertised as made for this model and sold by deagostini but yes it is really just a tv mount.
  3. gunpowder

    Deagostini Millennium Falcon

    Heres a wider shot.
  4. gunpowder

    Deagostini Millennium Falcon

    Thanks Guys. Its 32" long and weighs 11Kg! It was a model i bought that someone had built. I stripped it back , added some 3d printed parts to and repainted, even so its still taken me a month or two to get to this stage. Lots of late nights , weekends here and there. I have built alot of Falcons , including 2 other deago ones in the past , but this is my ultimate one. Its also the first model i have used oil paints on for the streaking and i must say , they made the world of difference.
  5. gunpowder

    Deagostini Millennium Falcon

    Finished at last. I followed photos closer than i have for any other falcon build. I even put the little = marks on. Looks fantastic on its wall mount.
  6. gunpowder

    DeAgostini Millennium Falcon 1/1 scale

    I just read someone else had a problem. It appears they may have put the 4 big screws in from the inside. Dont do that. The 4 screws go in from the outside in.
  7. gunpowder

    DeAgostini Millennium Falcon 1/1 scale

    There are 4 holes in the bottom. They go into the frame inside. Unless you physically fill them in they are just there!
  8. gunpowder

    DeAgostini Millennium Falcon 1/1 scale

    Must remember to take it down before i finish painting the ceiling!
  9. gunpowder

    DeAgostini Millennium Falcon 1/1 scale

    This is the Deagostini wall mount. I wasnt sure at first but once it was up , and my half finished falcon on it , i was sold! It has quite a good range of movement on it. It looks great in the stairwell though. The nosecone is a shapeways 3d printed one. It was one of the cheapish but looks great.
  10. gunpowder

    DeAgostini Millennium Falcon 1/1 scale

    Have fun with it. Mines nearly finished. Its a fun build.
  11. gunpowder

    HK Lancaster B Mk. 1 Cockpit

    Thats beautiful.
  12. gunpowder


    I used to do commission stuff. I thing i charged around the £250 mark for a fighter but i really did more sci fi commissions than anything. That was before my little boy came along.
  13. gunpowder

    Revell releasing Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon

    Thats exactly it. If you like the ESB version then Fine molds. If you like the Bandai episode 4 version then the Bandai one is it. They are 2 very different models.
  14. gunpowder

    Revell releasing Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon

    I have built so many revell/Finemolds 1/72 falcons. I know they have shape issues but they are really nice kits. I like the seperate detail and general fit of parts. I have built a Bandai one. I paid £400 for mine , because i am insane! Seriously though it was a great kit BUT it was more hassle to build than the Fine Molds one. Due to the nature of the kit being a snap fit kit , it made some parts a very tight fit. I actually ended up removing alot of the tabs on the parts. The detail though is amazing. At £299 its a good deal considering it has the etched parts , leds and water slide decals. I may buy another one but i preferre the Empire Strikes back version of the Falcon.
  15. Has anyone used Alclad paints on metal? I have an rc truchk chassis that is anodised black. I was thinking of getting it plated in clear bright zinc , but i was also wondering if anyone has used alclad paints on metal before?