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  1. Ive actually just done that too. No idea why i couldnt find their website before. Did they take long to arrive?
  2. Does anyone know of any UK , or stockists that will ship to the UK for Quinta studios stuff please?
  3. This is really sad. i dealt with him a few times and he was always so kind and helpful. RIP
  4. I agree , used them on my 1/48 tomcat and they are so easy to use and look better than any colour etch i have ever used. Will you be doing the 1/32 tomcat?
  5. Arrived today via ebay. Never thought i would see one of these again.
  6. After it had the new fuselage and wings yes , so paddle props , h2s etc.
  7. topnotch ones are the rounded letters. It would appear KItsworld are coming to the rescue in the next few weeks!
  8. Is anybody aware of and masks or decals for the lancaster red code letters outlined in yellow please? I really want to build S-Sugar as she is now but the code letters are stopping me. Topnotch seem to do some but they dont seem to be correct. Thanks
  9. Tamiya 1/32 mosquito Trumpeter avenger Tamiya 1/32 spitfire
  10. I agree , i love them. Anything that makes my life easier is good for me. There was a time when i would paint every dial etc, but not so much anymore.
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