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  1. Tamiya 1/32 mosquito Trumpeter avenger Tamiya 1/32 spitfire
  2. I agree , i love them. Anything that makes my life easier is good for me. There was a time when i would paint every dial etc, but not so much anymore.
  3. Sea Fury would be amazing or a Mosquito bomber
  4. Theres an Avanti that takes off , flies over our little town round in a loop and goes back. It sounds like nothing else , kind of like a Stuka siren! Both great looking planes
  5. Blimey there really is limited vision from the invader isn't there.
  6. Oh this is getting silly now. Could this be the most poorly designed kit ever??? There was me happily getting on assembling my kit , hoping to just ignore the innaccuracies , and then i look on this thread and realise something else is wrong! aarrggh. Oh well nevermind , scribed on inner flaps it is then. I must stop looking on here ,its making my brain starting to think about a counter invader too! Any ideas on what you will do about pylons amongst other things Iain? On the plus side , out of the box it builds really nice so far and the detail is actually OK.
  7. I was just looking through my kit. Its a bit confused isnt it. The canopy is suitable for an early B but then theres no ventral turret. The dual cockpit and control wheels appear to be a dead ringer for the B-26K. I was going to just build this straight from the box and stuff all of the inaccuracies , but now im in two minds.
  8. I sometimes put a small blob of very thinned tamiya rubber black and then blow it up close. It looks like a proper oil run.
  9. Excuse my ignorance , but what does the A and the J stand for on the jolly rogers early f-14 tail please? Ta
  10. A friend of mine said he had a kit from either Hasegawa or Revell in 1/32 that had french markings for indochina in the box. I think it may have been the oscar but i may be wrong. Anyone got any idea which kit it mayhave been please?
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