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  1. I was watching a YouTube video on that plane. I was amazed that the twin mustang has very few mustang parts!
  2. I’m assuming progressives are the same as varifocals? I wear them. Good for modelling and watching tv , but I preferred my single visions for driving.
  3. Looks fantastic. Those engines are bloomin huge!
  4. Im on my second engine , and mines not been too bad either , i just trimmed the flash and seams off the inner pushrod ring , and cylinder rings and it fits good.
  5. Its the free suppliment that came with the Airfix magazine a month or so ago
  6. Yup , theres a photo of guys working on the gunbays with the wings folded in my book
  7. Both good points. Thanks Guys.
  8. Yes i see what you mean now. The -3 windshield is more rounded with different framing......thats a shame.
  9. OK im sure a few of us are wondering this. What has to be done to the Airfix hellcat to backdate it to an f6f-3 please? From what i can gather , add widows behind seat , ad cooloing gills to lower cowl , add lumps on cowling over exhausts?
  10. I totally agree. I like trumpeter kits , but why do they make such silly mistakes on well documented things. Really frustrating.
  11. Agreed , beautiful work , its really got me wanting to try it.
  12. On to the wings , which are actually a step before the engine. I have to say , this wing center section is so strong. The two ribs fit to the wing , then the rear spar locks them into the correct position. I love the way the catapult hooks are actually molded onto the rib , and then fit through a whole. So far the ejector pin marks are all on the backs of the parts.
  13. Well i had one evening of modelling while i was away. I only too the engine sprue , a pair of snips and some glue , so it was very basic assembley i did. I havent attended to any seams or added any details yet. The gearcase , cylinders etc are all just slid onto the crankcase. I really recommend this book , especially if you want to add more detail. Theres loads in it. More later...
  14. Yes it can have a motor put inside the crankcase , but its not supplied.
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