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  1. I sometimes put a small blob of very thinned tamiya rubber black and then blow it up close. It looks like a proper oil run.
  2. Excuse my ignorance , but what does the A and the J stand for on the jolly rogers early f-14 tail please? Ta
  3. A friend of mine said he had a kit from either Hasegawa or Revell in 1/32 that had french markings for indochina in the box. I think it may have been the oscar but i may be wrong. Anyone got any idea which kit it mayhave been please?
  4. What a coincidence this has appeared. Im building Tamiyas p-38 at the mo as miss Virginia , and i built the fuselage on my betty. That little bit of film was beautiful. Great music.
  5. Thanks guys. my mind is starting to wander back to lsps now!
  6. This lockdown situation gave me a little more time to do some modelling. I have given up on 1/32 and 1/24 i think. I keep buying them , then loads of aftermarket , starting them , getting bored with them and selling them on. Time for a change. I want to build good quality models , that actually fit on a shelf. I will not be using aftermarket if i can help it. I have been getting more into the Pacific Theatre and so have decided to go with planes from that. I will be sticking to Accurate miniatures or italeri , Tamiya and Hasegawa. I really dont have the patience for poor fitting kits anymore.
  7. They look great.I would have a hard time choosing between schemes!
  8. Excellent , thanks Jennings
  9. In an interview i read McCampbell said that he usually carried either rockets or bombs when he flew. Does this mean Minsi would have had the bomb racks fitted all the time or would they be removed if rockets were fitted? Apologies if this is a simple question , but im not that clued up on aircraft weaponary. Ta
  10. Great. Thanks for sharing.Like most of us i have a real soft spot for monogram.
  11. Duxford. Its bigger and as others have said its a live museum , theres always something going on. I still really like Hendon. We went recently and they have improved the lighting , which makes it a different place IMO , much better than it was. Shame they took the battle of Britain display away though. Having said that , all of the planes that were in that hall are now in another hall so you can see them much more clearly.Wellington is now at Cosford.
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