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  1. They are actually very good. I had to use the kt dials as i messed up the Airscale ones , which was a shame. It would have been nice to have airscale throughout. Heres the other kit decals Sorry the photos are not brilliant!
  2. I like it. Love the ignition wires , much better than the kit ones.
  3. Funnily she just sent me a message saying that they shouldn’t have gone on sale until June so it’s odd. Mine was the only one that they sold.
  4. Its better molded and more detailed than the typhoon too. Its good to see they are upping with every new kit , which is great.
  5. A tri colour one may persuede me to do something other than the FAA version. I know there were some f6f-5s in this scheme.
  6. I have not posted a work in progress for years so i thought others might want to see this one , the new Airfix 1/24 Hellcat. I wasnt expecting this kit yet ,but my LHS text me to tell me she had it in. The box is a bit damaged but this is because they had 3 in and one was damaged. I was quite happy having the damaged one , they can then sell the good ones. He did tell me that he thought if it went back he wouldnt get another one as they had sold out. Its a really nice kit , good detail , beautiful stressed skin and a FAA option! Heres the box art. Very nice artwork that nearly made me want to do a US one. Starting with the cockpit , i am using the airscale set. I wouldnt say its really needed as the kit cockpit is really really nice , but i thought i would use it anyway. The centre console is the airscale replacement. It all fits together great so far. Paint is Tamiya mix of Olive drab and yellow green to get the US interior green colour. Lots of detail so far , more later....
  7. I will look on mine later, I agree with Jennings though , the ZM ones are gorgeous.
  8. Strange isnt it? I didnt even think it was out yet. Still says preorder on their website.
  9. Got a surprise text today from the LHS to tell my this was in, I got a discount too. They told me they had 3 in and 1 had a damaged box. I said i was ok taking that one. Beautiful kit , photos don't really do it justice.
  10. Possibly the finest fitting kit on the market and an absolute joy to build. Straight from the box other than eduard prepainted cockpit.. BTW the nose probe is not fitted as it just fits in the display cabinet without it!
  11. Wonder why the tailplanes are not joined?
  12. You Sir are a genius. They are mind blowing.
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