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  1. Wow can you imagine an Airfix 1/24 one , that would be mind blowing!
  2. Yes i paid what i thought was alot for mine a few weeks ago. Turns out it wasnt too much! Great kit , im just wating for my boy to go back to school , then i can paint it! Still cant believe theres been no new 1/32 plastic one yet!
  3. Am i right in thinking Victorious Virgin had no fuselage windows?
  4. Yeah that was very sad news to wake up to. Seemed like a really fun Guy too. I feel for his family and Dave Grohl , first Kurt now Taylor
  5. Liquid gravity is Ok but look up tungsten putty. its used in fishing , but i recently used it in my airfix vampire which didnt have too much room for weight. Worked great!
  6. Thats a good price. I think i paid about £220 for mine when i got it
  7. That is sad news. I have had a few items , and they kindly donated to my charity Spitfire build a few years ago. Good luck chaps
  8. Looks great. Im not a huge fan of the stressed skin. The interior is amazing , but having built the HK kit , much of it is wasted as it wont be seen. Not for me , but im sure it will be a must have for some. The seatbelt detail is great , i wish more manufacturers would do it.
  9. Having bought the Lukgraph 1/32 rapide , i was wondering if anyone knew if there may be a source for some bea markings or letters that would work for the rapide please?
  10. Would the tiger squadron markings for the hawk be the same size as the f-4j ones or would the hawk ones be smaller?
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