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  1. I have built a few now and its a really nice kit. The weak point on the undercarriage is where the small "loops" at the top on the leg join it to the model. They snap if you are not careful.
  2. Hi Ron. Its very sad indeed. There is already a thread running on this here
  3. UK media saying it hit a deicing shed nothing about injuries so hopefully no fatalities
  4. Had a break for a bit , got irritated with the model , left it alone , now i feel refreshed. Nearly all of the rubbing down and filling done now. Wingtip lights added and blended in , tailplanes test fitted. Looks really nice under a layer of Tamiya Primer. I do think i have decided to do the camouflage version now though. lovely surface detail BTW the engines are not canted outwards , its the camera lens
  5. Last bit of sanding done.......almost. Its all smooth , smooth ,smooth! Primer is all sanded back revealing the lovely surface detail. Ah yes......
  6. They are certainly a test. I am seriously considering buying their sea hornet too but I think I will wait for a second Hand one on eBay or something
  7. You are right about the cost though. My other build the Tamiya 1/32 mosquito. Even at full retail the mossie was still cheaper and compared to the Hornet it’s a rolls Royce of a kit , but I would say even a novice can make the mossie look great. The Hornet on the other hand is a much bigger challenge so technically the sense of achievement should be greater when finished. We shall see
  8. It looks worse than it is. I primed it in grey primer so I knew where to fill properly. I just lightly sanded the primer back last night.the surface detail is beautiful.
  9. I bought this last week from Hannants. Yes its an expensive kit , no its not an easy build. The molding it great and the kit looks beautiful in the box. The problems arise when you try to put said kit together! So far its really had be pulling my hair out and swearing , BUT its been one of those kits i just cant put down. The instructions on this particular kit are not amazing. For instance the wing is supposed to but inserted through the fuselage after being built up into a single piece. Sounds OK in theory and im sure it can be done , but after attempting it a few times i decided to just cut a section of the fuselage underside out and insert it from underneath , just like the Mosquito. This also allowed me to insert the cockpit rear bulkhead from underneath too as there was no way it was going in through the top. Once that battle is won next up comes fitting the nacelles. Oh Lordy Lordy that really tried my patience. They need some serious grinding and sanding to get them to fit , and this is the part where i sent HPH and whining childish email about their "bad" kit. I have since sent an apology! Looking at the sea hornet instructions it appears they have addressed alot of these issues with that kit. Getting to the stage im at now has made it all worthwhile. its a thing of beauty. Im sure there may be some more fit issues ahead but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. I was originally going to build the camouflage version but i think it really needs to be silver to show off those lines and curves.
  10. Thanks Guys. The colour is a mix of tamiya colours. Mostly white , a bit of deck tan and a tiny amount of buff. The light panels are light gull grey. The dark grey panels are tamiya dark sea grey oversprayed with sky grey. the red panels are tamiya red brown with a bit of red added. There was no prticular mix ratios i followed , i just mixed them until they looked right. Its a great model. I have built alot of falcons but this one has the most envolved paintjob i have done. The streaks were airbrushed with nato black and then enhanced with black oil paint.
  11. Cheapo cctv stand for eBay. I made a plate that fits to the bottom of the falconwith higgen screws.
  12. This is the gorgeous Bandai Millennium falcon. Built from the box except for me mounting it on a cctv mount instead of the kit display stand. I love this model. The engineering on its is amazing , so much detail.
  13. Yes mythbusters is what I remember her from. Very talented lady.
  14. RIP she was a fantastic woman. She achieved so much. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a28843412/jessi-combs-killed-in-land-speed-record-crash/
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