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  1. gunpowder

    TBF colors for Trumpeter 1/32 kit

    The pilots cockpit is bronze green , from the pilots bulkhead back its us interior green. Sorry i dont have any numbers.
  2. Works now , thanks Kev
  3. Weird , no luck for me either , tried chrome and firefox. I even turned of my virus software.
  4. Good to see you back Dale.
  5. gunpowder

    Have you ever contacted an EBAY seller?

    No, If i see a kit thats too expensive i move on. Life is too short to worry what other people are doing. If they want to sell a kit at that price its up to them , if someone buys it at their price its up to them.
  6. gunpowder

    HK Model B-25J Backdated to a B-25C/D, Fingers Crossed

    Loving this. I have a glass nose sitting here and i would LOVE an RAF one. Not sure i could follow it through to the end though.
  7. gunpowder

    You guys see the old lady yet...

    Im not usually a fan of aircraft hanging , but that is fantastic. What a great way yo show off the Belle
  8. gunpowder

    EBay Pricing on Auctions

    I dont bid on auctions either , just buy nows. When i last listed stuff for actual auction i did 99p starting bid no reserve. They go for what they go for.
  9. gunpowder

    New HpH DC-3 Pics up!!

    I need it , i need it , i need it !!!!
  10. gunpowder

    interior dull green

    Thanks.Milliput seat cusions. If you use the sea green over white , its one of the best matches i have found for the interior green. Sorry i know it doesnt answer the original question but its an alternative.
  11. gunpowder

    interior dull green

    I use Revell aqua sea green. Its a really nice match for the dull dark green/bronze green.
  12. I thought the Typhoon was an impressive plane until i saw the Rafale display at Duxford. It was amazing.
  13. Cool , Janie and Moose. I have very fond memories of Moose/candyman.
  14. gunpowder

    ZM 1/32 P-51 kits

    Thanks Guys. I have built a few Tamiya ones so i know how good they are. The reason i was asking about the ZM one os purely because it has the exact markings i wanted , the RAF shark mouth , that and the fact i have never built one. We took our Son to Duxford last weekend for the first time. He is only 13 months old but i was suprised how much he seemed to be taking in. The shark mouth P-51 was flying around while he were there and he was fascinated by it. I just wanted to build one to remember the day. I am building the Revell one with Alis tail , but i just fancied a change.
  15. gunpowder

    ZM 1/32 P-51 kits

    That will be a No then.......