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Revell/Fisher Hawker Hunter T7

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I've been itching to make this ever since Lothar sent it to me (thank you old friend!).  I know the SW Tiger Moth is going to be "testing" in terms of patience, delicacy and detail at times, so I need something more robust, dare I say "straightforward" as an antidote!  Rock on!! :punk:








Not surprisingly, it will be finished as a 56 Squadron T7:





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The forecast is pretty good Andy, playing just south of Oxford.....26 “lads” from our club, socially distanced of course in out of the bar by 10.00! 
I sat down a little earlier to have a proper look at the Hunter and Fisher’s instructions, I see that a previous owner has made a start with modifying the rear fuselage. Trouble is, there’s some twisting or warping in the fuselage so I’ve started the battle to sort it! :angry2:

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Couldn't resist a little "play"!  Having muscled the fuselage into shape (interestingly the Fisher instructions contain two warnings about the kit parts being very thin and prone to flexing, and softness of plastic) and left to harden overnight, I was keen to see how the spine fitted.  Fisher's engineering and castings of course are sublime so I just had to do my bit!  There are a couple of areas where fit is critical, this is one:




where the intake trunking slots in.  These in turn determine whether the wings are going to fit properly.  Happy to report success in both sides, so far so good!




Next will be the tail cone, helpfully there is a small resin stub which with a little adjustment should fit well into the aft end, this having been already trimmed to the correct point.  




More progress later I hope!! :D

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Title says it all.....I'm happy! :D




Moving aft, tail cone fitted and planning installation of fillets.  Just a small amount of clean up needed before gluing into place:








And done, quite a delicate operation it has to be said to get the angle and fit right.  A little clean up needed when all dry.

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Thanks Peter, I echo your feelings about Paul, we certainly miss the wonderful kits and conversions he produced. I think ( fingers crossed) that both this conversion and the Revell Hunter are fairly simple straightforward jobs so I’m hoping for a trouble-free ride! :unsure: 

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