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    I have been modeling 1/32 a/c since, well, I can't remember when (I started plastic modeling at age 5). Probably my first large scale plane was the Revell F-102, the one with all of the cool moving features. At present I am in the midst of a TF-104G conveersion, an X-15A2, and a Spit IX, Highflight conversion. Next in line will probably be the FW 190C-0v18 Kangaru conversion. <br />Otherwise, it's 1/35 modern armor, HO railroading, and 1/18 diecast Porsche protoype racers.<br />Oh. yeah, my real focus is my 12 year old. That's why so little gets done in modeling.

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  1. Before the kit I want to build is even produced.
  2. Truly inspiring work! As my skills do not remotely approach yours, I’m inspired to buy and build IBG’s PZL P.11C kit. thank you for your build thread. Bill Winkes (Wienczkowski)
  3. I recently completed a build of the Kittyhawk, 1/48th RF-101C. I thought to myself, dang, this thing is a big as a1/32 P-51 — that’s a Big airplane. Then, I began Trumpeter’s F-105D. Now, that’s a BIG airplane! Don’t know where I’ll stow or when done. It’s relay long.
  4. I am. Urgently mid-build of a Trumpeter, SU-25UB. Very pleasant build. I recommend it.
  5. Exactly my circumstance. A number of 1/32 projects stalled before completion. I’m just short of completing the 1/48th RF-101C. I’ve built it for display, not for competition. It’s helped to clear my brain. My next project will be 1/32nd, OOTB. No getting bogged down in extra detailing and minimal corrections. I hope I’ve regained momentum. Bill Winkes
  6. I don’t suppose building two Italeri F-104’s counts as a multi-engine build, does it? Bill Winkes
  7. Excellent job on this kit. I’ve just picked up the TF-104G, your build is a guide and inspiration. Thank you.
  8. Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I converted a Monogram 1/48th Hurricane to resemble an IK-3. Probably my first radical conversion. Used a couple of pounds of putty. I’ve always been fascinated by the aircraft of the small states of Europe, pre-WWII.
  9. Mighty purty. The Ford has always been a favorite of mine. Your rendering certainly does it justice. Best of luck at the contest! Bill
  10. A favorite scheme. The yellow version is on my future build list. Superb job, sir!
  11. Beautiful job on a difficult camouflage. I have a sweet spot for Romanian Aircraft as my son is Romanian. Your 109 is superb. Wish I could model as well. Thanks Bill
  12. Welcome, welcome. Your SU-25 is spectacular. I'm currently working on the Trumpeter SU-25ub, same camo. I hope mine approaches yours.
  13. Thank you for posting your excellent build. It motivates mr to continue my own Su-25ub.
  14. The NF-104 is one of my favorite aircraft -- X15, junior. I'd be part of the market for the conversion.
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