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    I have been modeling 1/32 a/c since, well, I can't remember when (I started plastic modeling at age 5). Probably my first large scale plane was the Revell F-102, the one with all of the cool moving features. At present I am in the midst of a TF-104G conveersion, an X-15A2, and a Spit IX, Highflight conversion. Next in line will probably be the FW 190C-0v18 Kangaru conversion. <br />Otherwise, it's 1/35 modern armor, HO railroading, and 1/18 diecast Porsche protoype racers.<br />Oh. yeah, my real focus is my 12 year old. That's why so little gets done in modeling.

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  1. I am. Urgently mid-build of a Trumpeter, SU-25UB. Very pleasant build. I recommend it.
  2. Exactly my circumstance. A number of 1/32 projects stalled before completion. I’m just short of completing the 1/48th RF-101C. I’ve built it for display, not for competition. It’s helped to clear my brain. My next project will be 1/32nd, OOTB. No getting bogged down in extra detailing and minimal corrections. I hope I’ve regained momentum. Bill Winkes
  3. I don’t suppose building two Italeri F-104’s counts as a multi-engine build, does it? Bill Winkes
  4. Excellent job on this kit. I’ve just picked up the TF-104G, your build is a guide and inspiration. Thank you.
  5. Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I converted a Monogram 1/48th Hurricane to resemble an IK-3. Probably my first radical conversion. Used a couple of pounds of putty. I’ve always been fascinated by the aircraft of the small states of Europe, pre-WWII.
  6. Mighty purty. The Ford has always been a favorite of mine. Your rendering certainly does it justice. Best of luck at the contest! Bill
  7. A favorite scheme. The yellow version is on my future build list. Superb job, sir!
  8. Beautiful job on a difficult camouflage. I have a sweet spot for Romanian Aircraft as my son is Romanian. Your 109 is superb. Wish I could model as well. Thanks Bill
  9. Welcome, welcome. Your SU-25 is spectacular. I'm currently working on the Trumpeter SU-25ub, same camo. I hope mine approaches yours.
  10. Thank you for posting your excellent build. It motivates mr to continue my own Su-25ub.
  11. The NF-104 is one of my favorite aircraft -- X15, junior. I'd be part of the market for the conversion.
  12. billwinkes


    Good Lord ... I know the feeling! Bill Winkes
  13. A likely source, but in 1/48th, will be Syhart.
  14. I'd love to have the early Hunter bits and pieces. Lots of lovely schemes.
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